100Mbps broadband supports busy homes where everyone goes online on a regular basis. Streaming, gaming and downloading are so much easier with this superfast internet speed. But can you get it easily?

The good news is that more providers now offer 100Mbps broadband deals. We’ll show you what to consider when choosing one of these packages, and help you determine whether 100Mbps is the right speed for your household.

Key points

What is 100Mbps broadband?

100Mbps broadband is essentially ‘superfast broadband’. It refers to any package that gives you download speeds of over 100Mbps.

From early 2018, customers have been able to purchase 100Mbps broadband plans across the UK, taking advantage of the country’s fibre optic cable network.

Whether you live in a large family home or a lively student house, this internet speed can cope with the extra traffic. Playing video games online, streaming in HD or UHD, downloading the latest movies - you can do all these things at the same time using 100Mbps broadband!

Which providers offer 100Mbps broadband?

There are a wide range of providers in the UK that offer 100Mbps broadband, including:

Make sure you check your location when comparing 100Mbps broadband deals, as some providers won’t offer this speed in your area.

Do I need 100Mbps broadband?

It depends on how fast you want your broadband to be and how many people will be using the internet in your home.

100Mbps broadband should provide consistently fast internet speeds across multiple devices. This means you can play games, stream videos, use apps, and listen to music, all without worrying about buffering or low quality.

More and more companies offer affordable, easily accessible 100Mbps broadband, and its appeal has become widespread. Just remember to choose a broadband provider that caters for your specific online needs.

What are the alternatives?

100Mbps is a great speed for families, but alternatively urban households might get even higher speeds - anywhere between 200 and 300Mbps on each device. However, rural areas might not be so lucky, depending on how well-connected they are.

Some areas - usually in big cities - can get ‘Ultra-fast’ broadband, which gives speeds of up to 1Gb (gigabit) but again, this is all dependent on the package and provider. It’s also worth remembering that higher broadband speeds will likely cost more.

If you think 100Mbps is a bit too fast (or even too slow!), compare broadband deals with different speeds to find one that's better suited to your home.