Since being introduced by Virgin Media in 2010, 100MB (megabytes) broadband speeds have become more accessible and affordable to the general public across the UK.

Virgin Media and BT were the first companies to offer 100MB broadband plans. With such high speeds, a standard two hour movie can be downloaded in under 3 minutes.

Accessibility to these high speeds depends on your location and provider. Urbanised areas can receive speeds of up to 200 or 300 megabytes per second, meaning it’s the perfect speed for family households.

However, this is no longer the fastest option. Depending on where you live, you can get ‘Ultra-fast’ broadband which can give speeds of up to 1GB (gigabytes), again, all dependent on the package and provider chosen.

Getting up to speed with 100MB broadband

From early 2018, customers have been able to purchase 100MB broadband plans across the UK, taking advantage of the fibre optic cable network.

Originally, Virgin Media and BT started rolling out the super-fast broadband, and even though most providers now offer packages like this, broadband availability depends on the area in which you live.

It’s recommended to check what broadband speeds are available in your area before making a decision on which broadband provider is best for you, whether that be a super fast broadband package or an unlimited download deals. It claims to be great for busy households with multiple devices and over two times faster than its competitors.

Just how fast is 100mb broadband? 

This is where it starts to get more technical; 100MB broadband refers to the speed at which your internet downloads data to your device per second – so in this case, 100MB per second.

In terms of download speeds:

When you compare the speed to real life scenarios, it helps you better understand the limit in which your household needs.

If the examples above have not sparked your interest, you probably don’t need such a fast connection speed, therefore you should choose a package tailored to your internet-usage needs.

Do I need 100mb broadband? 

This solely depends on how fast you want your broadband to be and how many people will be using it within your household.

For instance, 100MBb broadband is better suited for internet-busy houses. It should be maintaining higher internet speeds even when it’s dispersed among many devices all connected at once, allowing you to play your favourite games and stream your favourite shows buffer- free!

As other companies started following in Virgin Media and BT’s footsteps, 100MB broadband has become even more affordable and widespread across the UK, making it easily accessible.

The most important thing to bear in mind when choosing a broadband package is getting a deal that is right for you and your household.