Looking for a new broadband deal but don’t know which provider to choose? Read our guide on BT broadband to help find the right provider and package that suits you. 

BT is the world's oldest communications company, tracing all the way back to ‘The Electric Telegraph Company’, incorporated in 1846. It was the first company to develop a nationwide communications network. 

BT Deals: Bundles and packages 

Alongside their broadband, BT also offers great TV packages, particularly with sports coverage if that’s your thing.

TV and BT Sport 

BT sport offers some great coverage covers a lot - from the English Premiership rugby to UFCCF, there is something for every sports fan. 

You’ll find packages that include AMC, Gold and National Geographic. Some of the higher-end packages will include a YouView+ box to record programmes and films too. 

BT landline and phone deals 

You need to have a BT landline to access BT broadband deals. This means you’ll have to pay line rental as part of your bill.

If you’re looking to avoid line rental, you could consider mobile broadband instead,  which might even include free weekend calls. Extra call packages can be added if desired. 

Finally, you’ll have access to BT wi-fi hotspots - for free - across the country with all broadband deals.  

What's the difference between BT Broadband and BT Superfast Fibre ? 

BT Broadband is BT’s standard broadband service that runs on ADSL. ADSL uses the same copper wires that your phone line uses. 

Fibre optic is usually a lot quicker than ADSL,but isn't available everywhere. To see what broadband is available in your area use Ofcom’s postcode checker. 

Even if you're in a fibre optic area, you may not be able to get fibre optic direct to your house. This type of connection is called Fibre to the Property or FTTP which can be quite expensive to install. 

It may be the case that a fibre cable goes to a local cabinet and then uses the copper telephone wires for the 'last mile' from the cabinet to your home. If that's the case, it is called Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). Most of the UK's fibre rollout is FTTC which is usually a lot quicker than ADSL, but a bit slower than FTTP. 

BT Internet deals  

BT offers two broadband options, BT Superfast Fibre and BT Standard Broadband. Below you can see the range of the Fibre Packages BT offer

Data sourced from BT Fibre website


               Average download speed

     Average upload speed

Superfast Fibre Essential



Superfast Fibre



Superfast Fibre 2



Superfast Fibre 100



Superfast Fibre 250



BT Superfast Fibre Essential 

BT Superfast Fibre (formerly known as BT infinity) is their its fibre optic broadband. Superfast fibre uses fibre optic technology to produce superfast speeds averaging 67Mb. 

These levels of speed allow you to do more online:

● Download or stream HD movies and music

● Experience significantly less buffering

● Connect more devices to the internet at the same time

BT have guaranteed reliable broadband speeds - and you can claim £20 if you don’t get the speeds you were promised. 

It’s important to remember that your actual speed depends on a few factors including: your location, phone line, home wiring, Wi-Fi connection and the time of day.

How to find the best BT broadband deals for you 

Here are few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the right broadband deal:

● Only pay for what you need - can you live without BT Sport, AMC and Comedy Central? 

● Check what speeds you can get in your area - there's no point paying for ultrafast if you can't take advantage of it. 

● Take note of your renewal date and be prepared to switch. Prices often go up if you auto-renew or are out of contract. 

● If you don’t want to switch, you can still negotiate. Broadband is a competitive market in the UK. This means companies will often be open to cutting you a deal to keep your business. 

● Unlimited broadband isn’t always unlimited and usage limits usually apply. If you’re a heavy user, we recommend that you research what these limits are. Some companies also offer ‘truly unlimited’ packages. 

● Keep an eye out for cashback or voucher incentives for new customers. 

● Shop around and compare prices and providers to find the right deal for you.

Customer and expert reviews 

BT are known for good customer service, backed up by recent Ofcom reports.

While cCustomer reviews are all well and good, but it’s still worth comparing deals from different providers yourself. There are lots of smaller companies offering , with excellent customer service too. It is important to shop around from each provider.