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One of the simplest ways to find cheap business broadband is to compare prices. Enter your postcode then filter through our best buy table by provider, the speed (up to), usage limits, contract length, any one-off costs, and the monthly charge.

Search, compare, and see what you could save on your business broadband.

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How can we help you with business broadband today?

A secure, reliable, and fast broadband connection is essential for most businesses. 

If you need to use the internet for work, then you should consider business broadband over a standard home broadband deal. Here’s why…

Do I need business broadband?

Ask yourself how your business would cope without internet access for a morning, a day, even a week. If you take contactless payments, trade online, or use email, then a reliable and efficient broadband service is vital. 

And while business broadband tends to cost more than home broadband, you're paying for extra features, services and security that means your business can continue to operate online.

The extras you get with business broadband over a home service often include:

  • A static IP address – essential to run a server, host your website and have email addresses with your domain name
  • Dedicated technical support – 24-hour helpline and priority customer service
  • Guaranteed service – often with a SLA (service level agreement)
  • Faster speeds – upload speeds are often higher with business broadband and have better bandwidth at peak times
  • Greater security – firewalls and protection suites including anti-virus software, spyware protection and spam filtering
  • VoIP Services – free online calls are a common feature

Business broadband deals: BT business broadband, Virgin business broadband, and more

The big names of home broadband are involved with business broadband too. When you compare broadband for business with GoCompare you might see the likes of BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and Plusnet pop up depending on your postcode.

You may also see providers dedicated to business users such as bOnline, XLN, Onebill, and Toople too. 

Who you go with will depend on several factors and you may want to consider all of them, not just price alone. Look at reviews, upload and download speeds, contract length, and whether it’s ADSL or fibre broadband. Assess your needs, pop your postcode in, and see what’s available to your business in your area.

Business phone and broadband

As with home broadband, some providers will bundle broadband and phone deals together. This could be cost effective if your company needs both. And with business broadband the phone options can be broader and able to support extra phone lines and systems, non-geographic phone numbers, and VoIP.

You can choose whether to include phone options when searching for business broadband with GoCompare.

Mobile business broadband may also be offered as part of a bundle, especially if your provider is part of a mobile network.  

What’s the best broadband for working from home?

Depending on your usage then a home broadband connection might fit your needs but check the terms and conditions. Essentially you should make sure you have a fast connection for what you need to do. 

If your home working involves email, web work and sending the odd document then a standard 17Mb ADSL connection should be fine. 

Making video calls and sending large files throughout the day? Then you may want to look at faster connections, unlimited usage, and business broadband.

What is priority network access?

At peak times of internet use your business will take priority over home users. It's a common feature of business broadband and means your company can operate online during the busiest times of day.