There’s no shortage of options for your broadband in London. With competition so high, you’re sure to be able to snag a bargain by thinking outside the box and considering a smaller internet provider.

Step forward Community Fibre, available exclusively in the capital; they’re making a name for themselves with their super quick fibre broadband deals. 

Key Points

  • Community Fibre is exclusively available in London
  • The slowest speed on offer is 50Mbps
  • It offers fully symmetric speeds, meaning your uploads are as fast as your downloads
  • You can reach up to 10Gbps with its business packages

Who is Community Fibre?

Community Fibre is London’s self-proclaimed fastest full fibre broadband provider, founded in 2013.

It offers both home and business broadband packages, with Fibre To The Home (FTTH) cables.

With its own dedicated fibre optic network that delivers internet straight to your door, Community Fibre offers simple to understand packages, fair prices with no hidden charges, and up to 1000Mbps home broadband speeds.


Can I get Community Fibre in my area?

Coverage across London could be considered relatively small in comparison to some other providers, but that’s due to Community Fibre installing its own network directly to properties.

You can use our postcode checker to see if you can get Community Fibre broadband in your area of London.


What sort of broadband does Community Fibre offer?

Community Fibre offers both home and business packages. It’s all 100% full fibre, which provides a much stronger and faster connection than standard ( ADSL) broadband.


Home broadband

You can choose from a 12 or 24-month contract, with four different speeds available:

  • Superfast - average 50Mbps (download and upload)
  • Ultrafast - average 150Mbps (download and upload)
  • Hyperfast - average 400Mbps (download and upload)
  • Gigafast - up to 1000Mbps (average is 920Mbps download and upload)

All broadband packages come with free installation and activation.

If you prefer a more flexible deal, you can opt for a 30-day rolling contract, but this will cost you more than a long-term contract

The only sacrifice you make with the varying speeds, other than the price difference, is the type of router provided. With Superfast, you’re given a Linksys Velop Dual-Band Intelligent Mesh router, rather than the Tri-Band version supplied with faster packages.

All home packages have unlimited data, no line rental needed, free installation and setup, a free mesh Wi-Fi router, and fixed price for the duration of your contract.


Business broadband

Community Fibre offers lightning quick speeds up to a maximum of 10Gbps for businesses. You can even choose a monthly rolling deal, which means that you can change your speed at any time depending on your company’s needs.

  • Ultrafast - 150Mbps - for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Hyperfast - 400Mbps - for growing businesses
  • Gigafast - 1000Mbps - for medium-sized businesses with heavy data use
  • 10Gigafast - 10Gbps - for larger businesses

All business packages have 100% target service availability, no throttling or traffic management, a static IP address, business support, service-level agreements with a money back guarantee, and quick installation.

They also come with unlimited data and no line rental needed. The broadband is delivered straight to your business property using FTTH cables.



Community Fibre offers broadband for landlords.  All you need to get started is a free survey for fibre optic availability from the provider. After signing a Wayleave Agreement, Community Fibre will then plan the best route to install cables to the chosen properties.


Why choose Community Fibre?

It can be difficult to decide between all the broadband options available to you in London, so here’s what you need to know:


  • 100% full fibre - Community Fibre use the fastest connection cables in all of their broadband services, so you’re guaranteed speedy internet.
  • Speeds - Its 10Gigafast business package provides speeds 180 times faster than the UK average.*
  • Fully symmetric connection - Your upload and downloads speeds will be the same.
  • Own network - Community Fibre  operates its own private fibre optic network, meaning it has more control over  service, rather than relying on Openreach’s network.
  • No hidden charges - Installation and activation are free for all packages, and the price of your home or business broadband remains the same throughout the duration of your contract.
  • Powerful router as standard - The provided Linksys Velop routers boast intelligent mesh technology and are meant to give a superior Wi-Fi experience compared to the free routers given by other networks .



  • Area - Community Fibre only provides broadband for London, so anywhere outside of the capital can’t access this network.
  • High speed is not for everyone - The lowest speed is 50Mbps which could be too much for many people, and would be a waste of money.
  • No landline option - Some people like to have a landline phone as a backup. With Community Fibre, this isn’t an option.


Alternative providers to Community Fibre

If you don’t feel that Community Fibre is right for you, take a look at our guides on other broadband providers:

*According to Ofcom – UK fixed-line broadband performance in November 2018