Choosing the right TV package

If you’re searching for a new broadband and TV deal, you could consider combining both services to see if you could save money.

When comparing bundles, start by thinking about what sort of package will suit you. For example, if you’re a movie buff, make sure you’ve got access to the cinema channels. Or, if football is more your thing, consider a sports package instead.

Compare the latest bundle deals from Sky, Virgin Media, BT and many more to find the right package for you.

Should I get a broadband and TV bundle?

Bundling your TV package with your broadband and home phone could get you a cheaper deal than using separate providers. Combining both services can have other advantages too, for example it would be easier to manage your bills as you’ll only have one bill and one provider to contact.

Some providers also offer incentives to customers for joining so you may be eligible for some freebies, like vouchers or a package upgrade

Whilst these perks are a great bonus, it’s more important to find a TV and broadband package that suits you. Have a think about:

What broadband speed do you need?

If you’re a keen online gamer, or you frequently stream movies and TV shows, you might want a bundle that offers fast internet.

Which TV channels do you like?

You can get different TV packages depending on the types of TV shows you watch, for example, those that offer sports or cinema channels.

Will you make use of a landline phone?

If you use your home phone often, find a bundle that offers landline phone usage.

How much data do you need?

How much data you need depends on how often you use the internet, and what you use it to do. If you don’t watch much TV and prefer streaming services like Netflix, then standalone broadband is a better match - adding on exclusive TV channels will unnecessarily increase your bills.

See if you can find a bundle that suits your needs by comparing TV packages with us.

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