Your new TV package

Whether you love a rom-com, a gritty drama or a fantasy series, get your latest fix with a TV deal to suit you.

Find the right deal to satisfy your watching habits with sports, movies and entertainment bundles.

Compare the latest offers from Sky, Virgin Media, BT and more to find a package within your price range.

Choosing the best TV package for you

It’s easy to choose a deal that’s right for you. If you’re a movie buff, make sure you’ve got access to the cinema channels. Or if footie’s more your thing, go for a sports package instead. It’s also worth checking whether you can get everything you need via streaming services before you buy a TV package.

Consider a broadband bundle

Bundling your TV package with your broadband and home phone could get you a cheaper deal than paying separate providers, plus it’s easier if you need to contact them.

You can find the bundle that has everything you need when you compare with us, including the right download speed, usage limit and whether you need a landline or not.

Make sure that you only choose what you need to though, adding on exclusive TV channels will increase your bills.