And yes, in addition to the lowdown on broadband, there will be a few Footloose references too.  

EE's offering broadband?! 

You betcha! Before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at EE’s company history. Kick off your Sunday shoes and let’s jump right in. 

EE (Everything Everywhere) was formed in 2010 when T-Mobile and Orange merged businesses. 

BT took over EE in 2016 and it’s one of the 'big six' broadband internet service providers (ISPs) – BT, PlusNet, EE, Virgin Media, Sky and TalkTalk. 

EE’s broadband is provided by BT, meaning it’s pretty accessible to most households. 

We all probably remember EE’s recent adverts which starred a number of famous faces. Kevin Bacon dancing in Britney Spears’ shiny red jumpsuit is not a sight you forget in a hurry. Quickly moving on… 

In March 2018, EE has a few broadband options for home and mobile, as well as a TV service. 

Sometimes EE also has special deals and offers on, which could be worth keeping an eye out for. 

EE home broadband 

  • EE’s home broadband comes in four different plan types: 
  •  Broadband up to 17Mb/s 
  •  Fibre broadband up to 38Mb/s
  • Fibre Plus broadband up to 76Mb/s 
  •  Fibre Max broadband up to 76Mb/s

All of EE’s broadband packages include monthly line rental (for your home phone) in the monthly cost and offer unlimited broadband usage. 

EE’s fibre optic plans also come with the EE Smart Hub, which provides the Wi-Fi signal in your house. EE has dubbed it “our fastest, most powerful router ever”. 

If you have a Fibre Max broadband plan and a Max mobile monthly plan, EE will add some extra data allowance to it, so you can watch even more cat videos. 

EE mobile broadband 

EE mobile broadband means you can use the internet on your tablet and laptops, even when there’s no wi-fi.

With EE’s mobile broadband, you get a '4GEE Wi-Fi' device which connects to your tablet, laptop, or even your car, and uses the 4G mobile signal to connect you to the World Wide Web. 


First mobiles, then broadband, and now a TV service too? 

EE TV comes with over 70 free channels, the ability to store hours of recorded programmes and access to on-demand services. 

You can also choose to add-on services like hayu, NOW TV and Sky Sports.

Is EE broadband any good? 

Considering it’s mainly known for its mobile phone deals, you’ll probably want to know what EE’s broadband is like. 

EE has won awards from RootMetrics for its network’s reliability and speed. There are plenty of mixed reviews for EE broadband online. 

What works for one person may not be right for you, and vice versa, so take these reviews and awards with a pinch of salt. Either way, it might be a good idea to do your own research on EE broadband, as we’re pretty sure that Kevin Bacon won’t randomly appear at your local pub to tell you all about it. 

Cancelling your EE broadband 

If you want to cancel your EE Broadband package, you’ll have to phone EE and give 30 days’ notice. You’ll be charged an early cancellation fee if you’re still in your contract term. 

If you're switching to another provider, you should talk to their team - rather than EE - and your new provider will sort the transfer out. 

Compare EE broadband

Speaking of switching, why not save yourself time and (hopefully) money by comparing different broadband providers with EE, to see what’s on offer. 

Once you’ve compared prices, it’s easy to switch providers if you want to. Check EE covers your area and if it does, you can make the switch online – It’s EEsy peasy! 

Now that we’ve responsibly provided you with information on EE’s broadband, we’re going to relax and get a little footloose – we might even break into an awesomely choreographed dance routine. Yeah, we’re going wild. 

Key points 

  • EE has four different home broadband plans and a few options for mobile broadband too 
  • You can also get your TV service from EE with EE TV 
  • If you want to cancel your EE broadband (or TV) service, you’ll need to give 30 days’ notice