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Frequently asked questions on broadband

Get the answers to FAQs on broadband, then compare prices to find the right deal for you.

Broadband is a permanent internet connection that enables you to use the internet as soon as you've switched on your computer or mobile device.

For more information, take a look at our beginners' guide to broadband.

What are the different types of broadband?

The broadband you choose will depend on your needs and what's available in your area. The main options are:

  • ADSL: Runs through the existing telephone network
  • Fibre optic (aka cable broadband): Runs through glass/plastic cables, providing a high speed internet connection
  • Mobile: Internet is accessed via data card, USB dongle or in-built connection in a computer. Uses mobile phone network rather than a fixed line
  • Satellite: Internet feed beamed to a satellite dish at user's property

What about wireless broadband?


You can have access to wireless broadband if you have a wireless router.

With a router you can access the web without wires from anywhere within the router's range, on any wi-fi enabled device.

Which broadband packages are available in my area?

Just enter your postcode in our quotes process and we'll show you the options we have available in your area.

What's line rental?

Line rental is the fee you pay to your internet service provider to allow you to use the broadband cable.

Before deciding on a broadband deal, make sure you're aware of how much you'll be charged for line rental as sometimes it's not immediately apparent.

What's first-year cost?

This is the cost of a broadband package for the entire year, regardless of short-lived introductory offers - we list these prices next to your options for you to view easily.

What are broadband bundles?

Broadband bundles are when other services - such as telephone and digital TV - are tied in with your broadband connection for one monthly fee. It's possible this will be more convenient and cost-effective option than buying the services individually.

What is unlimited broadband?

Unlimited broadband means being able to use the internet as much as you like with no restrictions or added charges... but when you choose this option take care.

Did you know...?

  • If you want unlimited broadband you may actually need 'truly unlimited' broadband - they're very different!

Most policies carry certain restrictions and you may need a product known as 'truly unlimited' broadband.

A fair usage policy may apply to some unlimited packages.

This means that what they deem as excessive usage could result in having to restrict your use online. If you fail to do this, they could take action towards terminating your contract.

What about broadband speed?

Broadband speed is likely to be one of the major factors you consider when choosing a package, but be aware that you may not get the advertised maximum speed at your property.  

However it can be possible to boost your broadband speed.

What's the usage limit?

The usage limit is the cap that your provider puts on the amount of data you can receive, if you surpass this amount before the month is out you could be charged or your internet may be cut off until the next month begins. 

So before you choose a package, make sure that it's going to fit in with your needs. For instance, if you're really into gaming there's no point in getting a package with a lower usage limit.

How to cut the cost of broadband

What's traffic management?

Traffic management is the system that your broadband provider employs to prioritise internet traffic.

For instance, if you're downloading a large file this may run slowly so that services like online streaming can take precedence and run at the speed they need to, without the dreaded buffering.  

Switching providers

You may find that if you want to leave a contract with your current provider, you could get charged an early cancellation fee.

Check with your provider whether it's worth making the switch.

What else should I consider?

You may want to think about your hardware, security and parental controls, and take a look at our money-saving tips.

Any other questions?

See if you can find the answers in our broadband guides.

By Sean Davies