Frequently Asked Questions

Having problems with your service or broadband speed? You can get in touch with your provider using their online centres or by calling customer service.

If you have a problem with your order, your speed or your service, we recommend you contact your broadband provider direct.

Most providers prefer for you to use their online centres, however we’ve included phone numbers for each provider below:

Broadband provider customer service contacts


Customer Service Line

Contact Form


0800 800150

BT's online contact

Direct Save

01923 709 709

Direct Save online support


0800 079 8586

EE online support


01865 591 131

Online support centre


0333 332 1111

General support centre

John Lewis

0800 022 3300

John Lewis online support

Now Broadband


Now Broadband customer care


0333 241 4449

Online contact form


0800 432 0200

Plusnet online support

Pop Telecom

0343 538 6611

Online contact form

Post Office

0345 600 3210

Post Office online support

Shell Energy

0330 094 5800

Online support centre


0333 7591 018

Sky online help centre


0345 172 0088

TalkTalk Online Support


0345 454 1111

Virgin online support


0808 040 8408

Vodafone online support centre

How do I claim my gift, vouchers or cashback?

If you’ve been offered a free gift, voucher or cashback, we have included details for how you can claim these below.

Note that in most cases, your provider will get in touch with you direct, so please check the email account you used to register with your broadband provider - and also the spam folder.


You can claim your BT voucher in two ways, depending on which company the voucher is for.

Amazon vouchers, iTunes vouchers

To redeem these, please visit yourBT Customer Account. Here, you should login with your BT ID and then enter your order number and select your reward to complete your claim. Please note that it can take up to 45 days for your voucher to arrive.

BT Reward Card

Please visit the BT Reward Card site and follow the steps to claim your reward card.

Marks and Spencer voucher

For Marks and Spencer vouchers, please visit BT’s Broadband Benefits page and enter the voucher details, which you can get from your claim form. Again, allow for around 45 days for your voucher to arrive from the date of your service activation and voucher claim.


Please send any Vodafone voucher enquiries to


If you can claim one of Sky’s prepaid rewards, please visit Sky’s claim page within 90 days of your service being activated. Login to your account and then fill out the online form.

For any other issues around Sky voucher, you can get in touch with them here:


Plusnet will get in touch with you via email, when your connection is live, with details of how to claim your voucher. Note that you have two months to claim following receipt of the email.


Plusnet will send you a link to their cashback claim page via email. Again, you’ve got two months to claim, from the date that you received the email. Once you’ve completed the form on their cashback claim page, you’ll receive your cashback cheque within 30 days.

Amazon vouchers

You will receive a link for your Amazon voucher via email and you’ll have two months to redeem it. You will need to follow the link and complete an online form. Upon confirmation, you’ll receive your Amazon gift certificate code.

MasterCard or prepaid debit card

Once your service is live, you’ll receive an email with details of how to claim your MasterCard or prepaid debit card reward. You have two months to claim your MasterCard once this email has been received.


For all details relating to your TalkTalk vouchers, please contact:

Now Broadband

For all details relating to your Now Broadband vouchers, please


To claim your Amazon voucher, you will receive an email from EE with a link. This will prompt you to complete on-screen details. Once you have paid your second bill, you will receive your voucher, which typically arrives within 60 days. If you don’t receive the link, or have any issues related to your voucher, you can contact EE at

John Lewis

Within 60 days of your broadband going live, you will receive an email with your voucher details.