If you live in the remote countryside, broadband speed can be a real problem.

Thankfully, there are providers like Gigaclear, which are dedicated to delivering superfast broadband to rural areas.

Key points

  • Gigaclear focuses on providing internet for rural areas that struggle with internet access
  • Great if you can get it, but there currently isn’t cover in many areas
  • Gigaclear broadband can reach speeds of up to 900Mbps
  • There are four packages to choose from for both home and business broadband


Who is Gigaclear?

Gigaclear was founded in 2010. It’s a fibre to the premises (FTTP) provider of broadband, meaning the internet cables run straight to your home.

It has its own fibre network and aims to give rural communities internet access that rivals cities.


Can I get Gigaclear Broadband in my area?

Good news for those who live out in the countryside - Gigaclear mainly covers rural areas in the UK.

Gigaclear currently covers around 65,000 premises across the South West, Midlands, and South East. (August 2020)

Check your postcode to see if you can get Gigaclear in your area.


What sort of broadband does Gigaclear offer?

Gigaclear offers broadband for both rural homes and businesses.


Home broadband

Gigaclear provides a Linksys powered router with all their broadband packages. This smart hub can easily be extended, to give you greater coverage around the whole house.  You can also set up guest Wi-Fi, limit usage with parental control, as well as configure and monitor devices with the Linksys app.

Gigaclear offers four types of standard broadband packages:

  • Superfast 30 – average speed of 30Mbps
  • Ultrafast 100 – average speed of 100Mbps
  • Ultrafast 300 with Smart WiFi – average speed of 300Mbps
  • Hyperfast 900 with Smart WiFi – average speed of 900Mbps

All packages come with unlimited usage, an 18-month minimum term with a promise of no price increases during your contract and free installation. However, there’s a £30 activation fee.

You’ll also receive a Gigaclear powered by Linksys router. The two fastest packages also have Smart Wi-Fi delivering a lightening quick connection.


Business broadband

Gigaclear offers four types of broadband for businesses:

  • Business 100 – average speed of 100Mbps. Suitable for small to medium businesses
  • Business 250 – average speed of 250Mbps. Suitable for digitally-dependent businesses
  • Business 500 – average speed of 500Mbps. Suitable for growing, collaborative businesses
  • Business ULTRA – average speed of 900Mbps. Suitable for heavy-duty users, cloud-based applications and servers

All business packages are 24-month contracts with free standard installation and an activation fee of £166.67 (excluding VAT).

If you choose the Business 100 package, you can expect any required maintenance to take place within three working days of you reporting it. With the faster packages, it’s the next working day.



Why choose Gigaclear broadband?

Although your options may be more limited if you live in the countryside, you still need to make sure that you find the best option for you.


  • Rural focus -  Full-fibre broadband provides a reliable and fast connection for communities in the countryside who may have struggled to access the internet previously
  • Fast speed - Gigaclear reaches speeds of up to 900Mbps, thanks to its full-fibre network
  • No price hikes –  guaranteed price for home broadband, so you won’t be hit by any surprising increases during your contract term
  • Smart Wi-Fi -  its mesh network should give you a superfast connection wherever you are in your house



  • Limited coverage -  cover is only available for 65,000 households currently, so your chance of getting Gigaclear in your area is low
  • Contracts - all home packages are 18-month contracts, while business options are 24 months. This may be too long a commitment for some. There’s also no information on early exit fees
  • Activation charges - the activation charges on home and business packages may be off-putting to some
  • Customer service - the customer service line isn’t open 24/7 like some providers, so this may be an issue if you needed help between 8pm and 8am


Alternative providers to Gigaclear

If you don’t live in a rural area, or Gigaclear just doesn’t suit what you’re looking for, check out some of our other broadband provider guides: