Even if you don’t need a home phone to call your friends and family, you’ll probably still need a landline to use the internet.

Most broadband providers require you to have a landline so they can connect you to their network. But you can cut your bills by comparing home phone and broadband deals.

What are the advantages of having a home phone?

Home phone use has fallen dramatically in favour of mobile phones, but they still have a few advantages.

You don’t have to worry about losing signal and depending on the provider, landline phones might give you cheaper calls to premium numbers and free calls to 0800 numbers.

It can be cheaper to use your landline for calling abroad, with some providers offering discounts and add-ons for calling outside the UK.

Why do I have to pay for a landline I don’t use?

It’s annoying to have to pay for something you think you don’t need. But you’ll generally need to pay line rental to keep the telephone line open to use broadband – even if you never plug a phone in or make a call.

If you need a landline to access the internet, look out for deals that could save you money. For example, opt for a contract with free weekend or evening calls if it’ll help you conserve your mobile minutes.

Alternatively, some providers offer ‘pay as you go’ landlines, so you only pay for the calls you make.

Broadband without a landline

There are very few providers that can offer broadband without a landline.

Virgin Media is the most well-known and owns its own fibre optic network, meaning you can take broadband without a phone line – although it won’t necessarily be cheaper.

Satellite or mobile broadband don’t need a landline either.

Broadband deals without a landline might work out to be more expensive than ones bundled with a landline, even if you never make calls. So always compare to get a great deal.

Switching home phone providers

It’s easy to switch providers. Compare online then just fill in your details to arrange the switch on your chosen date.

You won’t have to change your number and your line won’t be cut off and leave you with a gap in service.

Your new provider will let you know when your switch is complete and you can start saving on your bills.

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