John Lewis is a brand typically associated with luxurious items like watches, bags, televisions and of course, those Christmas adverts, but did you know it also offers broadband?

The information below is correct as of 22/09/20.


Key points

  • John Lewis  offer download speeds between 10MB and 66MB
  • You can add-on more allowances for minutes, at an extra charge
  • There are three types of broadband and phone packages on offer, all of which include  line rental and free wireless router
  • John Lewis often gives away free gift vouchers when signing-up for broadband


Who is John Lewis broadband supplied by?

John Lewis branched into broadband in 2012 with its services provided by Plusnet.

This means when you sign up for John Lewis Broadband, you’ll be using Plusnet’s network. It could be useful to check the reliability and speeds of Plusnet broadband in your area before deciding whether it’s right for you.


Can I get John Lewis Broadband in my area?

John Lewis offers broadband across the UK. You can use our postcode checker to see if John Lewis is available in your area.


What sort of broadband does John Lewis offer?

John Lewis offers three types of broadband for customers: Unlimited, Fibre, and Fibre Extra, which are all broadband and phone packages.



This broadband and phone package is a 12-month contract which includes line rental, with evening and weekend calls included.

You can add-on more allowances, such as ‘Anytime’ for inclusive calls to UK landlines all day, every day, or ‘Anytime and International’ to allow for 300 minutes of calls to 35 destinations. You’ll be charged extra for each add on.

Unlimited broadband gives you:

  • Unlimited usage - so you can stream for as long as you want
  • 10MB download speed - (on average). This can vary depending on your postcode
  • 24/7 customer support and access to your personal online portal
  • Same price wherever you live - John Lewis plans cost the same no matter where you live, even if you’re in a remote rural area
  • No activation charges
  • Router included



    Like Unlimited, Fibre broadband and phone automatically gives you evening and weekend calls. You need to add-on ‘Anytime’ or ‘Anytime and International’ for more minutes elsewhere. 

    Fibre broadband gives you all the same benefits as the unlimited package, but with a faster average speed of 36MB, and a free £50 gift voucher when you sign up.


    Fibre Extra

    The same rules on applying for extra calls apply in the Fibre Extra broadband and phone deal.

    Fibre Extra gives you the same benefits as the other packages, but with 66MB average download speeds, and a £75 John Lewis voucher.

    All three packages include a £49.99 charge if you need a new phone line installed.

    John Lewis can also give you a static IP address, for businesses and offices, at a one-off charge of £5.00. If you don’t need a static IP address, you’ll get a dynamic IP address that changes every time you connect to the internet.

    Pros of John Lewis Broadband

    • Perks - sometimes John Lewis include free gift cards alongside their broadband packages.
    • Unlimited - usage is unlimited, with no caps, so you don’t have to  worry about ever being cut off
    • Line rental included with free evening and weekend calls - great if you still like to use a landline
    • Free internet security software and wireless router included as standard



    • Speed - the speeds on offer vary from 10MB to 66MB, which are relatively slow compared to many other broadband networks, which can easily exceed 100MB. However, if you know you don’t need superfast speeds, John Lewis might suffice
    • Calls - the different call allowances may be off-putting for some, as each add-on increases the overall contract price
    • Prices - their prices may appear slightly above average compared to some other providers, particularly with the planned price hike in October 2020
    • 12 month contracts only - some people may prefer a 24-month (for a cheaper bill) or monthly rolling contract (for greater flexibility)


    Alternative providers to John Lewis Broadband

    If you don’t feel that John Lewis Broadband is right for you, you can take a look at our guides on other providers: