Broadband Guide Library

Need help with your broadband? Our library is bursting with guides and facts about broadband so you can make an informed choice when you compare providers and price plans

Our Broadband guide library is bursting with guides and facts about broadband so you can make an informed choice when you compare providers and price plans.

100Mb broadband

Are you tired of waiting around for that song to download? Fed up with waiting for your favourite TV show to stream smoothly? Maybe you should consider getting 100Mb broadband!

100Mb broadband »

ADSL broadband

If you’re looking for cheap broadband that’s widely available, ADSL broadband could be right up your street.

ADSL broadband »

Broadband bundles

Bundling up your broadband with your phone and, if desired, TV service could mean less fuss, but shouldn't mean taking out services you don't need.

Broadband bundles »

Broadband for streaming

Watch programmes and listen to music in your own time with streaming capabilities, but which kind of broadband do you need?

Broadband for streaming »

Broadband for those on benefits

Want to know your broadband options if you  receive benefits? Take a look at the cheap choices for accessing the internet.

Broadband for those on benefits »

Broadband speed

We explain why broadband speed matters and how to get the right speed for your needs. Also try our dedicated page on ways to boost your broadband speed.

Broadband speed »

Broadband without a landline

Compare cheap deals for broadband without being tied down to a landline.

Broadband without a landline »

BT broadband deals

Looking for info on BT broadband deals? Our guide to everything BT and broadband can help you find the BT deals you need.

BT broadband deals »

Fibre optic broadband

Fibre optic broadband is changing the way people access the internet and transforming the telecoms industry.

Fibre optic broadband »

Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa

We help you decide which smart speaker you need to do your bidding at home. So command ‘Ok Google…’ or ‘Alexa…’ and let’s begin.

Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa »

How to avoid broadband price increases

Find out more about negotiating with your broadband provider, cancelling your current contract and switching to a new company.

How to avoid broadband price increases »

How to choose your broadband provider

You need to consider more than just the cost when you choose a broadband supplier - here’s what else you should think about.

How to choose your broadband provider »

Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband could suit your needs, especially if you require internet access on the go, but be wary of limits on speed, reception and data allowance.

Mobile broadband »

O2 broadband

Looking for info on O2 broadband? Our guide can help you find the right O2 broadband for you.

O2 broadband »

Parental controls of broadband

Communication in conjunction with broadband parental controls should help you feel confident that your children are safe while using the internet.

Parental controls of broadband »

Plusnet broadband

The folks at Plusnet have over two decades of experience in the field of internet service provision, helping to keep Britain connected since 1997.

Plusnet broadband »

Rural broadband

Standard broadband can be slow or non-existent in the countryside. Find out how to speed up your connection and what your alternative internet options are.

Rural broadband »

Satellite broadband

You can get a satellite broadband signal pretty much anywhere. Find out whether it’s right for you, including the cost and its limitations.

Satellite broadband »

Short term and no contract broadband

Don't want contract broadband? Compare cheap short term and no contract broadband deals.

Short term and no contract broadband »

Sky broadband deals

What you need to know about Sky’s broadband packages.

Sky broadband deals »

Student broadband

Choosing a broadband deal for a student house can be tricky - think about internet usage and cost to find the right deal.

Student broadband »

Switching broadband provider

We explain how to compare broadband providers and price plans, with details of planned changes to simplify the switching process and place full responsibility for the change on your new provider.

Switching broadband provider »

TalkTalk broadband

Widely regarded as one of the UK's most economical service providers, TalkTalk is definitely not all talk when it comes to broadband.

TalkTalk broadband »

Unlimited broadband

Read more about unlimited broadband, why it isn't necessarily what it says on the tin and why 'truly unlimited' broadband may be the right service for your needs.

Unlimited broadband »

Using internet abroad

Find out more about data roaming, useful apps and extra charges with our handy guide to using the internet abroad.

Using internet abroad »

Virgin Media broadband

Everything you need to know about Virgin Media’s latest broadband packages.

Virgin Media broadband »

Wireless broadband

Explaining wireless broadband or wi-fi, including how to get set up, security and getting the appropriate route.

Wireless broadband »