In this guide we’ll take a look at the broadband packages offered by Plusnet, and their customer service promises to help you work out whether Plusnet broadband is right for you.

Key points

About Plusnet

Originally born out of the Force9 internet brand, in August 2000, Plusnet launched their first broadband service, doing so on the very same day that BT launched theirs.

Plusnet was eventually bought out by BT in 2007. Despite the acquisition, it has continued to live on as its own entity and is still going strong to this day. In fact, Plusnet now offers numerous services outside of broadband, including Plusnet mobile and Plusnet TV.

What's included in a Plusnet broadband deal?

A typical Plusnet deal will get you unlimited broadband as standard, meaning you'll never have to worry about how much you download.

Meanwhile, any web surfing can be done safely with the inclusion of Plusnet Protect and Plusnet SafeGuard – the company's internet security software that shields you and your family from spam, viruses and malicious content.

You won’t be charged for the cost of its wireless router, which is an expense that’s often overlooked when it comes to internet setup.

As well as a standard 12 month deal, Plusnet also offers flexible contract lengths, so you can choose the duration of your contract to last anywhere between one month up to 18 months.

Plusnet perks and bonuses

When you join Plusnet, you can benefit from a bunch of extra bonuses through ‘ Plusnet Perks’. From ‘mates rates’ SIM only deals to BT sport for Plusnet customers, there are lots of potential savings to be made.

You can even earn yourself money off through their refer-a-friend scheme. The number of referrals you can make is unlimited, so you can really take advantage of the potential discount.

What Plusnet deals are available?

While Plusnet broadband deals can be tailored to cover your preferred contract length, the packages themselves fall into three primary categories:


The basic package with up to 17Mb estimated download speed. Ideal for standard browsing, everyday streaming and general internet use.

Unlimited Fibre

Increased connectivity with up to 38Mb estimated download speed. Perfect for downloading, HD streaming and online gaming.

Unlimited Fibre Extra

Superfast broadband with up to 76Mb estimated download speed. Tailor-made for extensive internet use and multiple connected devices.

It's worth noting that some of these plans do fall into restricted contract lengths, so if you're looking for a monthly contract, your options may be more limited than if you were open to an 18-month commitment.

Plusnet’s customer service

Plusnet's website states that the company lives by the simple ethos that "everyone deserves to pay a fair price and still get great customer service." To hammer this fact home, recent years have seen Plusnet pick up a few broadband awards, including Best Provider Customer Service in 2019.

Switching to Plusnet

With a dedication to customer service, Plusnet tries to make the switching process as simple and pain-free as possible. The team at Plusnet HQ will even contact your previous supplier on your behalf.

In most cases, you can be up and running with Plusnet internet in as little as ten days, particularly if you’re currently with TalkTalk, Sky or BT. However, things are a tad trickier with Virgin Media.

As Virgin Media uses a different network, Plusnet will need to install a new line. Luckily, this can be done easily, but you'll first need to contact Virgin directly and give them 30 days' notice that you're leaving.

Top tips for cheaper broadband

Price is often the top priority for a lot of people on the hunt for broadband. In the past, Plusnet has offered everything from waived activation fees to cashback, so it's worth checking back regularly if you're eyeing up a switch.

If you're considering switching, it's always worth comparing broadband prices. Knowledge of the marketplace can help you make informed decisions when it comes to different providers’ plans and deals, and you may find a better price in the process.