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Student broadband deals

As a student, you should think carefully about broadband. If there are lots of you using the internet at the same time, you must find a deal that suits all your needs.

So, what do you look for in great student broadband?

We’ll show you how to choose student broadband with your entire household in mind, so everyone can start the new term with confidence.

Key points

What is student broadband?

Designed with students and their needs in mind, student broadband is slightly different from other broadband packages.

Students are likely to have shorter tenancies, as well as sharing bills between multiple occupants of the same household. It’s therefore important that you only pay for the internet you use, otherwise you’ll still be charged even after the academic year has finished.

Student broadband takes this into consideration, with providers offering a variety of services to cater for this particular group.

But before you start comparing student broadband deals, check first whether or not this is included as part of your accommodation costs - especially if you’re just going into halls of residence.

What great student broadband deals are available?

Keep in mind the following when comparing student broadband deals:


Broadband speed affects everything, from how fast webpages load to the quality of your streaming. Living with lots of other students means you’ll need a high speed - possibly even unlimited - broadband connection for everyone to be comfortable. While at home, do a broadband speed test to see how much you’re currently using. Then you can gauge whether or not this will be enough for your student household.


Moving into shared student digs means negotiating budgets and internet habits with your fellow housemates. Decide how you will all split the cost of broadband early on, so there are no surprises later.

Also, keep in mind that while there are many great student broadband deals available, a general tariff may be more economical. Because broadband companies tend to offer longer contracts at better rates, they may reward you for taking advantage of a full year-long plan.

Contract length

Typically, student broadband deals allow you to be more flexible with your contract length.

Certain providers offer nine-month contracts that correspond to when you’ll likely be living in your student house. This means that you won’t have to pay for broadband while at home during the summer, thereby saving you money compared to most standard 12 or 24-month plans.

Types of broadband

The student broadband that works for your household will depend on how many people need access, where you’re based and how you all use the internet.

If you and your housemates want internet access across the entire property, wireless broadband is key for optimal coverage.

By the same token, fibre optic broadband is great for speed and download allowance but can be very expensive. Remember your household budget and combined internet usage when deciding on a deal.

Other student broadband options

When comparing student broadband deals, you should also consider:


Attractive offers are usually available if you combine your student broadband with a network’s entertainment TV package.

Discuss this with your housemates, as it could be more cost-effective than everybody just paying for their own subscription services.

Mobile broadband

Today most of us prefer using our mobiles for everything. This is why it’s worth considering a no landline option for your student broadband.

You won’t be connected to a telephone line; instead, you’ll receive signal via 4G or 5G, depending on your location. There are no cables involved, either. And the best part? Some providers even complete setup on the same day you call them.

Rolling contracts

If you’re a student, flexibility with your broadband is great, especially if household budgets are tight.

The good news is that providers like Virgin offer rolling monthly plans, which lock you in for only 30 days at a time.

You can cancel whenever you want and not pay any extra charges - useful if you travel home during the holidays.

Where to get affordable student broadband

If you want faster, more cost-effective internet for your student house, discover great broadband deals by comparing with us.

Simply enter your postcode and we’ll show you all the plans currently available in your area.

You can even filter by the things that matter most to your housemates, like cost, contract length and price range. Plus, you have the option of seeing if there are any TV channels included with your preferred package.

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