TalkTalk operates Britain’s biggest unbundled broadband network covering 96% of the population. They are still one of only a few providers that can guarantee no mid-contract broadband price rises.

Key points

  • TalkTalk has won a number of awards for its customer service - though always research thoroughly before you commit
  • TalkTalk offers fixed price contracts, protecting you from price hikes for the duration
  • In addition to the internet services, TalkTalk TV can also be included as part of a TalkTalk broadband bundle

What's included with TalkTalk broadband? 

Whether you're planning on streaming hours of HD movies or simply looking to send the odd email or two, TalkTalk has you covered with unlimited internet usage.

TalkTalk is also one of the most economical internet service providers in the UK. With fixed prices for the duration of your contract, you’re also protected against price hikes – meaning you pay the price you agreed when you signed on the dotted line.

Contracts vary in length from 12 to 24 months, with the option of 18 months if you're torn between the two. Each package also comes with HomeSafe security and parental control options, allowing you to protect your family from inappropriate content and suspicious websites.

If you're already with another provider, TalkTalk aims to make the switching process as pain-free as possible.

Does TalkTalk offer any add-ons or extras? 

A typical bill covers TalkTalk broadband and phone line rental at one fixed cost for the duration of your contract. However, there's also a list of optional extras you can add to any standard package, if you're looking for something a little more comprehensive.

These options include: 

Landline calls 

The standard TalkTalk phone and broadband package includes a phone line primarily for connectivity purposes. However, if you want to use that landline for making calls, you'll likely need to add a Calls Boost. Failure to do so could see you rack up a hefty bill (although calls to other TalkTalk homes are free).

The Call Boosts themselves are separated into several categories:

  • Unlimited UK Calls Boost
  • International Max Calls Boosts
  • Mobile Minutes Boost

 Find out more about TalkTalk’s boosters

Security for your devices 

TalkTalk's online security add-on allows you to protect up to eight devices, from mobiles and tablets to laptops and desktop computers.  

Speed Boost 

TalkTalk offers an internet Speed Boost add-on.

This allows you to boost your TalkTalk Fibre broadband speed up to 76Mb - ideal for those that are looking to get the most out of their internet connection. Although it's worth noting that connection speeds can vary dramatically from one location to the next, even with a Boost package. 

TalkTalk TV 

TalkTalk TV allows you to access over 80 live channels (including 15 in HD), on-demand content and a 7-day catch-up service. You're also given the freedom to pause, record and rewind live TV, while you will have access to rent and own the latest movies as well.

Perhaps best of all, TalkTalk TV also allows you to add or remove additional channels on a month-to-month basis, from kids' and entertainment bundles to Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. This feature can be particularly useful if there's a big sporting event on Sky Sports – such as a British Lions tour – or a themed month of great films on Sky Cinema. 

TalkTalk reviews 

According to Ofcom, TalkTalk received the highest amount of complaints when compared to the other large broadband providers, with a below-average score of 79% customer satisfaction.

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