Virgin Media broadband deals for your home and beyond. 

Are you bugged by buffering during a boxset binge? Virgin Media might just have the answer with broadband packages faster than Usain Bolt. 

With the promise of "Ultra-fast, ultra-reliable broadband from Virgin Fibre", we’ve had a look at Virgin Media’s broadband packages to see if they live up to that promise.  

Virgin Media 

In 2006, Virgin Mobile and merged with NTL Incorporated and Telewest to form a ‘quadruple play’ telecom provider. This was rebranded in February 2007 as Virgin Media. Maintaining the Virgin name and brand identity, it was then bought by Liberty Global in June 2013. 

Although you can get Virgin Media services across most of the UK, the performance improves drastically in places where Virgin has been able to lay its own fibre-optic cables. This allows the company to offer broadband services without line rental, which can make the deals cheaper. 

However, there are places where Virgin Media can't be accessed, and customers may be charged an exit fee should they move to such a place. As part of the Project Lightning upgrades, the Virgin network is being expanded across the more rural areas of the UK, starting with Hampshire’s Dun Valley in 2018. 

Virgin Media broadband deals 

Virgin Media’s deals start small, offering up to 50Mbps, expanding all the way up to 300Mbps in March 2018. Its prices rise accordingly, from around £30 per month to almost £50 per month. 

At no extra cost, Virgin also offers The Inclusives. These are added bonuses that customers can enjoy. TV Go is an app for your phone or tablet that allows you to watch TV wherever, whenever. TV Control connects to your Virgin TV box and allows you to set up recordings whenever you like – so when the office banter turns to your favourite Friday-night show, you can record that night’s episode and enjoy the post-work drinks without worrying about missing it. 

Virgin also offers the Virgin Media wi-fi app, which connects customers to specific Virgin Media wi-fi hotspots when they’re out and about. It also allows customers to connect to the wi-fi on the London Underground, managed exclusively by Virgin Media.  

Customers can also take out extras on top of their broadband packages. The HomeWorks package is targeted at those who work from home or run a home-based business. It offers engineer call-outs with next-day priority, as well as a bi-annual equipment health check from the Gadget Rescue team.

If your wi-fi needs a boost to get to all the nooks and crannies, you can also buy a powerline kit to help boost the signal throughout the house. It won’t make the upload or download speeds any faster, but it should help resolve the problem of any wi-fi blackspots your house may have.  

Virgin Media bundles 

Virgin Media also offers customers the option to bundle their broadband in with TV services and a landline phone. 

The bundles differ widely in what they offer. The cheapest, the Player Bundle, offers 70 channels on Virgin TV, 50Mbps broadband, and inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin mobile numbers. 

The VIP Bundle offers the full range of channels available on Virgin TV, including Sky On Demand, 300Mbps broadband, and inclusive anytime calls to any UK number.  

Virgin Media awards 

Ofcom, the communications regulator, produced a report at the end of 2016 into consumer satisfaction with its providers. Virgin Media was awarded 91% in the consumer satisfaction section. 

Despite garnering various other awards, it's always smart to research thoroughly before committing to a package. While Virgin may be the ideal choice for many, others may find the best broadband for their needs by shopping around. 

Virgin Fibre 

The streets where you live may not be paved with gold, but if they’ve been cabled by Virgin, you’re guaranteed to get their best broadband service. This is thanks to the coaxial cables that connect Virgin Media customers to the local exchange. 

Key points

  • Virgin Media can provide up to 300Mbps for its broadband
  • Its top speeds come from its use of coaxial cables between homes and the local exchange