Learn more about Vodafone and its broadband services to help you find the right broadband provider and package to suit you.


Key Points

  • Vodafone launched their broadband services in 2015
  • You can get Apple TV  included in your broadband package
  • They offer a broadband speed guarantee if you’re receiving lower speeds than promised

About Vodafone

Vodafone is one of the world's leading communication providers with over 444 million customers, 19.5 million of which live in the UK. They made the first ever mobile phone call in 1985 and have expanded ever since.

Their broadband service launched in 2015 with more than 22 million premises signing up for high-speed broadband. They now offer a variety of broadband packages and bundles to cater for a variety of internet households.


Vodafone Broadband Packages

Vodafone have a few broadband options to choose from:

Superfast 1

  • Ideal for everyday browsing and streaming on a few devices
  • 25 Mbps guaranteed minimum download speed or money back
  • 10 Mbps maximum upload speed
  • Unlimited broadband usage
  • 18 months minimum term


Superfast 2

  • Great for streaming and gaming in larger households
  • 55 Mbps guaranteed minimum download speed or money back
  • 20 Mbps maximum upload speed
  • Unlimited broadband usage
  • 18 months minimum term


Vodafone Together

  • Unlimited home broadband and unlimited mobile data
  • Superfast Extra with Apple TV 4K
  • Unlimited entertainment
  • Choose between Now TV, Amazon Prime Video or Spotify through Apple TV 4K
  • Get a 50GB boost on every mobile device on your account if home broadband ever lets you down


Vodafone also offers superfast packages that include an Apple TV 4K box and a 1 year Apple TV+ Subscription.


Broadband Speed

Vodafone have implemented an ultimate broadband guarantee, which promises that you get superfast speeds to your router, and if you don’t you’ll get a 15% discount until it’s fixed.

Vodafone features a broadband mobile app, so if you need to boost your device speed or get the children off the WiFi, this app could come in handy.


Switching to Vodafone

Moving to Vodafone broadband is simple:

  1. Choose a Vodafone broadband package
  2. Choose an activation or installation date online
  3. Vodafone will handle everything with your old provider and get you up and running quickly (but if you're a Virgin Media customer, you're required to cancel directly)

Before committing to Vodafone, compare packages from other providers to make sure you’re getting the right broadband for you.