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Business insurance

Compare business insurance quotes and find commercial cover with Simply Business[1]

  • Compare quotes from the likes of Axa, Zurich, Hiscox, Groupama, Brit and more
  • Cover for public and employers' liability, buildings, contents, tools and equipment
  • A UK-based contact centre to answer all your business insurance questions


  • What should I look for with business liability insurance?

    A good liability insurer should pay towards your legal costs for defending any claim made against you, insure you for compensation claims made against you, and offer you both public and employers' liability insurance as a package, if you need both
    Maxine Frances, journalist
  • Is your business protected with employers' liability cover?

    If an employee is injured or they contract a disease as a result of, or in the course of their employment, they are entitled to claim compensation from the business if it can be proven that the employer was at fault. Employers' liability covers the cost of the compensation along with any legal fees you might incur if you had to defend the case against you
  • What does public liability insurance cover?

    Public liability insurance protects you from claims against your business by members of the public. For example, if you damage a client's property, if a customer has an accident on your premises, or if you provide any advice or service for a fee
    Maxine Frances, journalist
  • How much does liability insurance cost?

    Most liability cover is based on an annual fee, how much you pay will depend on the size and nature of your business and how many employees you have. It will make a difference if you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company. Your premium may change if you make more claims or if the nature of your industry changes
    Maxine Frances, journalist
  • How long does liability insurance offer protection for?

    Check your terms and conditions, but some insurers will cover you for incidents before and after the start and end date of your policy. This is important if you're working in an industry where results tend to be measured in the long rather than the short term
    Maxine Frances, journalist
  • Does your car insurance cover your business usage?

    If workers use their own cars while on company business, no matter how infrequently, we would urge them to check their policy to make sure they are properly insured. Employers should talk to workers about the necessity of having the correct level of cover before they undertake any business journeys in a private car
    Scott Kelly, car insurance expert
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Find cheap business insurance quotes now

We’ve teamed up with Simply Business[1] to find business insurance policies that are as diverse and specialist as your company, big or small.

Get informed

Pin down a policy today, and give yourself more time to get down to business.

What’s business insurance?

Business insurance includes cover that protects you and your company from financial damages andbuilding or contents losses, relevant to your field or specialism.

Broadly speaking, the most popular business insurance policies include public liability, professional indemnity and employers’ liability, with good reason:

Public liability insurance

Hell hath no fury like a scorned member of the public, especially when it comes to claims.

Public liability insurance protects you if you damage their property, if they have an accident on your premises, or if you provide any advice or service (that doesn’t pan out) for a fee.

Professional indemnity insurance

If one of your customers sues you because you’ve damaged their property, or they claim you haven’t fulfilled your duties, professional indemnity insurance to the rescue to cover your legal fees.

Employers' liability

It’ll cover the cost of the compensation plus legal fees if an employee sues you if they’re injured, or they contract a disease at work.

But different policies will include all sorts of other cover, and you can make your policy suit the nuances of your business - fancy, eh?

You can read all about more specialist business insurance in our guides and tips filed away in the Business insurance briefcase.

Company insurance comparison

Business notes

  • Employers' liability insurance is compulsory for businesses that have one or more employees
  • Glass and shutters insurance can cover replacement following accidental or malicious damage

To compare business insurance for your company, you’ll need details about your business and the level of cover you want. That includes public or product liability insurance, professional indemnity cover, buildings insurance, revenue protection or business interruption cover, protection for your business and office equipment and stock.

Start your business insurance quote

Have to hand info about claims made by your firm in the last five years, or any pending.

Depending on the sort of cover you choose, you may also be asked for some more detailed info about your company and its work.

You’ll then either be presented with your quotes online, or - if your circumstances don’t allow for an instant quote - your details will be passed on to an insurance specialist to look at.

Need to know more about business insurance?

Simply Business has insurance specialists on hand in the UK to chat through any questions you have, so don’t be nervous - give them a call if you’re unsure.

But, we've also got heaps of guides, tips and factoids stowed away in our Business insurance briefcase to help you with any quandaries - we’re straightforward, so you won’t find buzzwords or marketing jargon here.

The guides help you with your first steps, such as sensible levels of cover, business contents insurance, business buildings insurance, differences if you're a landlord or a tenant, options for working from home, and insurance for your business assets and equipment.

We unpick the technical cover, too. Watch out for guides to liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and employers' liability insurance.

Plus, check out info about goods in transit cover, business travel insurance, business interruption cover, commercial legal insurance, fidelity guarantees, and insurance cover for tools, data processing, engineering, credit, loss of cash, and glass and shutters.