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Insurance cover at festivals

Find out more about what type of insurance you’ll need if you’re organising a festival.

Key points

  • If you’re hosting a festival, events insurance can cover you for public liability, employee liability and more
  • Your festival could be illegal if you don’t have the right insurance
  • Look out for common exclusions like inflatables and pyrotechnics

Do I need festival insurance?  

If you’re organising a festival, events insurance can be invaluable.  

It can help to protect you against things that could go wrong, from cancellation to damaged equipment. 

If you’re employing more than one person at your festival, you’ll need to have employers’ liability cover by law.  

This can sometimes be bought as business insurance, and festival insurance will usually include this as standard.  

What types of festival need insurance?  

Any type of festival will benefit from having insurance in place.  

It’ll be there to cover you if anything goes wrong.  

Insurance providers can cover events like:  

  • Music festivals  
  • Food festivals 
  • Beer festivals  
  • Comedy festivals  
  • Film festivals 
  • Folk festivals 
  • Religious festivals 

What does festival insurance cover?  

Festival insurance is a type of events insurance policy.  

It’ll cover you for:  

  • Public liability insurance - covers injuries to the public and accidental damage to someone else’s property  
  • Employer’s liability - covers injuries to any of your employees and is a legal requirement if you’ve got more than one employee 
  • Equipment cover - covers you for loss, damage or theft of your event equipment  
  • Cancellations – covers you if you need to cancel your festival, for reasons beyond your control 

What isn’t covered?  

You might not be covered for things like:  

  • Inflatables and pyrotechnics 
  • Deliberate acts of vandalism  
  • Damage caused by faults in construction of stages or marquees 
  • Cancellations with suppliers who aren’t confirmed in writing  
  • Unexplained losses  
  • Employees of contractors 
“Festival insurance can cover you if you need to cancel - some even offer cancellation due to bad weather”

Ryan Fulthorpe, insurance expert

How to buy festival insurance  

You can easily find festival insurance online.  

As it’s a niche product, you might be limited in your choice of insurers, but it’s worth getting quotes from a few different providers before you buy a policy.  

Make sure you read all the terms carefully, so you know what you’ll be covered for.

Last updated on 10 Jul 2019