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Business insurance guides: Index

Our guides gives you the facts so you can make an informed choice when you compare business insurance policies and providers.

Builders' insurance

Looking for info on insurance for builders? We’ll give you the foundations of what to look out for…

Builders' insurance »

Business insurance for co-working spaces

Co-working removes the stress of business premises insurance and can offer a creative hub, but don't forget about protecting your possessions.

Business insurance for co-working spaces »

Business interruption insurance

Come rain or snow, your business insurance should cover you for every eventuality, even making a loss. This is where business interruption insurance comes in.

Business interruption insurance »

Catering business insurance

Do you cater for parties, corporate events, festivals or weddings? If so, you might want to take a look at insurance for your catering business.

Catering business insurance »

Cleaning business insurance

Keep a spotless record with cleaning business insurance.

Cleaning business insurance »

Construction insurance

Want to hear a construction joke? Sorry, we’re still working on it. Though what we do have is this roof-raising guide to construction insurance.

Construction insurance »

Contractors' insurance

Are you a building contractor, independent IT specialist or maybe an odd-jobs worker? No matter what type of contract work you do, you may want to take a look at our guide to contractors' insurance.

Contractors' insurance »

Cyber-risk business insurance

Find out how to protect your business from cyber-attacks and viruses with our helpful guide to cyber risk insurance.

Cyber-risk business insurance »

Directors' and officers' insurance

Looking for info on directors’ and officers’ insurance? We’ll give you the lowdown on what to look out for…

Directors' and officers' insurance »

Employers' liability insurance

Understand what employers' liability insurance covers, why it's necessary, how much cover is required and how you can get a good deal before comparing quotes.

Employers' liability insurance »

Events insurance

Compare public liability insurance for events, whether you’re planning a one-off coffee morning, or an annual music festival.

Events insurance »

Flood Re and businesses

Flood Re may help property owners in flood-risk areas access affordable home insurance, but it excludes businesses. Find out why.

Flood Re and businesses »

Goods in transit insurance

Find out more about goods in transit insurance, and the levels of cover your business could need for your stock.

Goods in transit insurance »

Hotel insurance

Efficiency and organisation can be the difference between The Ritz and Fawlty Towers. Keep your hotel on the right side of that equation by acing the admin – that includes hotel insurance.

Hotel insurance »

Insurance for pop-up shops and restaurants

What business insurance should you think about if you're opening or running a pop-up shop or temporary restaurant?

Insurance for pop-up shops and restaurants »

Insurance if you work from home

If you're self-employed or work from your house you need to think about home insurance cover and whether you also need business insurance.

Insurance if you work from home »

Market traders’ insurance

According to Del Boy, “He who dares, wins!” So see if you can get a winning deal on market traders' insurance!

Market traders’ insurance »

Office insurance

Compare business insurance to get cheaper contents and buildings protection for your workspace and office.

Office insurance »

Professional indemnity insurance

Understand what professional indemnity insurance covers, why it's necessary, how much cover is required and how you can get a good deal.

Professional indemnity insurance »

Pub insurance

Protect your pub, barroom, alehouse, bistro and boozer with a round of pub insurance. Cheers!

Pub insurance »

Public liability insurance

Understand what public liability insurance covers, why it's necessary, how much cover is required and how you can get a good deal.

Public liability insurance » 

Restaurant insurance

Every cafe, bistro, brasserie and buffet restaurant needs restaurant insurance to keep you protected as your dish up food and drink for the paying public.

Restaurant insurance » 

Retail insurance

If you’ve ever dreamed of running your own little craft store, or forging the next high-street chain, you’ll need retail insurance.

Retail insurance » 

Shop insurance

Find out more about shop insurance, what it covers and whether your commercial property is protected against dangers including flooding.

Shop insurance »

Small business insurance

No matter how small, businesses need insurance for things like for stock, premises and legal liability. Compare cover for sole traders and companies.

Small business insurance »

Specialist business insurance

Insurance for business travel, goods in transit, tools, data processing, engineering, fidelity guarantee, loss of cash, glass and shutters and more.

Specialist business insurance » 

Tool insurance

Find out more about making sure your tools are protected in the event of theft or loss.

Tool insurance »

Tradesman insurance

If you're a self-employed tradesman or you run a small business with employees, you'll need some kind of business insurance.

Tradesman insurance »

Weather damage and business insurance

Ensuring you have the right business insurance to cover problems caused by adverse weather could be crucial to the survival of your company. Find out more…

Weather damage and business insurance »

The tradeswoman report: the changing face of trade

We look at the changing face of trade, with more women than ever picking up the tools and turning to a career in construction.

The tradeswoman report: the changing face of trade »

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Business bank accounts

Find out more about business bank accounts and how they differ from personal current accounts.

Business bank accounts »

Business credit cards

A business credit card may suit you if you own a business or regularly use plastic to pay expenses, but be aware of annual fees - and of the need for a good credit rating.

Business credit cards »

Business loans

Need a business loan? Find out about secured and unsecured finance, peer-to-peer, crowdfunding and government-backed business start-up loans.

Business loans »

Business travel insurance

Find out more about the differences between business and standard travel insurance, and why you should check you're covered by your employer.

Business travel insurance »

Card payments for small businesses

See the advantages and disadvantages of a business accepting debit and credit card payments and find out about terminals, acquirers, merchant service agreements and charges, and more.

Card payments for small businesses » 

Commercial mortgages for businesses

Find out more about different types of commercial mortgages, interest rates and what to do if you want to buy a business premises.

Commercial mortgages for businesses »

Green business choices

Adopting sustainable practices with your business' utilities use may make both environmental and economic sense, meaning you could go green and boost the bottom line.

Green business choices »

How to build a business website

Could you build and maintain your own business website? It may be easier than you think...

How to build a business website »

Insuring a private car for business use

Everything you need to know about driving a personal vehicle for business use, whether you're self-employed or working for a company.

Insuring a private car for business use »

Insurance for sports clubs

Whether you're a professional or amateur sports club, insurance liabilities are an area to give serious consideration to.

Insurance for sports clubs »

Motor trade insurance

Learn more about how to get the right policy in the many-faceted world of trader insurance, including car jockey insurance.

Motor trade insurance »

Self-employment: A guide to working for yourself

If you want to be your own boss, make sure you know your legal, tax and insurance obligations first.

Self-employment guide » 

Truck and HGV insurance

Learn more about insuring lorries, HGVs and trucks, whether as an owner-operator or if you need fleet cover.

Truck and HGV insurance »

Vehicle breakdown cover for businesses

Keep your business on the move with the right level of breakdown insurance, whether you need fleet cover or individual vehicle or driver protection.

Vehicle breakdown cover for businesses »

Vehicle fleet insurance

Find out more about the pros and cons of covering multiple business cars, vans and HGVs on one policy.

Vehicle fleet insurance »

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