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Compare car insurance quotes

It's quick and easy to compare car insurance and find cheaper cover – we just need a few details about you and your vehicle.

  1. Tell us a bit about you

    Your name, age and where you live, as well as your occupation.

  2. Let us know your car details

    The make, model and year, as well as any modifications you or previous owners have made.

  3. What cover do you need?

    How do you use your car? Tell us your annual mileage and choose from fully comp, third-party or third-party fire and theft policies.

Car insurance companies we work with

We look for quotes from over 155 trusted UK car insurance companies including:[2]

Compare car insurance quotes and see if you could save

Compare car quotes

What type of car insurance do I need?

The best car insurance for you is an affordable policy that covers what you need – don’t just pick the cheapest option.

You’ll need third party cover as a minimum. It’s compulsory, and you can’t legally drive without it. But exactly what you’re covered for depends on the type of policy you choose.

Comprehensive car insurance

This is the most extensive cover you can get. It covers you for:

  • Repair or replacement costs if your car’s damaged or written off
  • If your car's stolen or catches fire
  • Claims made against you for people, passengers and their property.
  • It may differ by policy, so check what you're covered for

Find out more about fully comprehensive car insurance

Third party, fire and theft

  • This covers you for damage to other people, passengers or their property
  • Your car’s covered if it gets stolen or damaged by fire too
  • If you’re responsible for an accident, it won’t cover repairs to your vehicle or your own medical costs.

Find out more about third party, fire and theft (TPFT)

Third party only

  • This is the most basic level of cover
  • It's lowest level of cover you need to legally drive your car in the UK.
  • You’ll only be covered for damage you cause to other people, passengers, or their property.
  • There’s no cover for you or your car.
  • If your car’s stolen, damaged or catches fire you won’t be able to claim back the cost.

Find out more about Third party only (TPO)

£4 million refunded to customers with free excess cover^^

If you need to claim, we’ll pay £250 towards your excess^. Just another reason to make your life choices on Go.Compare.

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Do I need car insurance?

Car insurance is a legal requirement if you’re driving in the UK. Find out more about choosing the right cover.

Car insurance for over 50s

Having a wealth of driving experience means car insurance for over 50s is usually cheaper – and there are insurers that offer specialist insurance too.

More about car insurance for over 50s >

Insurance for new drivers

New and young drivers always pay more. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get insurance, or you can’t get a good deal.

More about new driver insurance >

Learner driver insurance

Learner drivers have a few options for getting covered before taking their test – whether that’s in your own car, or someone else’s.

More about learner driver insurance >

Renewal quotes – the easy way to overpay

Don’t just settle for the renewal price your insurer sends you. Loyalty doesn’t pay – just because your insurer offers you a good deal, doesn't mean you shouldn't check for something better.

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How could I get cheaper car insurance?

Car insurance can be expensive, but there are ways you could save money:

  1. Pay annually

    Paying upfront always works out cheaper than paying monthly, because there’s no interest or finance arrangement fee.

  2. Tighten up your security

    Alarms and immobilisers reduce theft risk. Look for Thatcham-approved devices – some insurers will offer a discount if you have them.

  3. Choose a less powerful car

    In the market for a new car? Sporty cars with large engines tend to cost more to insure.

  4. Drive less miles

    The lower your mileage the less you’ll pay. But don’t underestimate your mileage either – it’ll invalidate your insurance.

  5. Consider a telematics policy

    Telematics insurance policies use a black box or app that tracks your driving to calculate your insurance.

Car insurance that's right for you

If you need anything other than standard car insurance, we’ve got lots of different policies for you to pick from.

Multi-car insurance

Multi-car insurance can work out easier and cheaper if you’ve got more than one car to insure.

More about multi-car insurance >

Short-term car insurance

If you only need to drive every now and again or for less than a month, short-term car insurance could work out cheaper.

More about short-term car insurance >

Classic car cover

For additional cover – like spare parts, salvage retention and agreed value – protect your vintage vehicle with classic car insurance.

More about classic car cover >

Business car insurance

If you use your car for work, you’ll need the right insurance to be properly covered. There are three different classes of business use you’ll need to pick from.

More about business car insurance >

Gap insurance

It’s intended to pay the difference between what you paid for your vehicle and what your insurer pays out in the event of a total loss or write off.

More about gap insurance

How much does car insurance cost?

Insurers use statistics to work out how likely you are to make a claim on your car insurance – and that's what sets the price.

The average price of a comprehensive policy is £454. Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) is considerably more at £557, and third party only (TPO) is more again, at £606.

These are just averages though – your quotes will depend on a lot more than just the cover type you choose. Your age, the car you drive, mileage and driving history all play a part.

how much does car insurance cost?

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[1]Based on Trustpilot: Our average rating of 4.8 out of 5 is from 21,400 people who left a review for car insurance comparison only. Last checked 02 February 2023.

[2]As of February 2023, there are 161 active car insurers on the panel at Go.Compare.

[3]Average cost of annual car insurance bought through Go.Compare in November 2022. For comprehensive cover it was £454. For third party, fire and theft (TPFT) it was £557. For third party only (TPO) it was £606.

[4]Average price paid annually for comprehensive car insurance (from all purchases) between Jan to Nov 2022, split by mileage.