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Aixam car insurance

We don’t offer Aixam car insurance, but we can help you find a quote that's right for you

  • Discover insurance for microcars that'll keep you safe on the road
  • Aixam is popular with new drivers, so compare insurance for learner drivers and young adults
  • Fully comprehensive cover for coupes, estates and miniautos

Car Insurance Price Cuts

Microcars, learner drivers, and you – insuring your Aixam car

Got a teenager who’s learning to drive? An Aixam microcar may just be the answer, and we’re here to help you insure it properly.

Key points

  • Aixam makes microcars, which can be driven with just an AM-category moped licence
  • If you have a moped licence, you may need a motorbike insurance policy for your microcar
  • You can also take out a normal car insurance policy

For those who want a cheap, easy way of getting about locally, a microcar like the Aixam might be worth investing in. 

It’s great for teenagers, because you only need an AM-category moped licence to drive them. You'll still need insurance, which is where our handy guide comes in. 

Aixam car insurance 

Aixam doesn’t offer its own insurance policy, but offers one through a partner company in France. So, in Britain, you'll need to use British insurance providers.  

In some European countries, Aixam cars can be driven without a licence, which makes them very attractive to those learning to drive. 

However, no British insurance provider will cover you without one, which means you’ll need an AM licence at minimum before being able to drive one. 

If you do own an Aixam car, but only have a moped licence, you’ll need specific motorbike insurance

Aixam cars can be driven by fourteen-year-olds with an AM licence

This is different from a normal car insurance policy, but has several things in common. 

Most motorbike policies are either third party only; third party, fire and theft; or fully comprehensive. Others cover vehicles smaller than the microcars Aixam make, and are tailored specifically to those vehicles. 

When it comes to car insurance, the different policies are fairly self-explanatory. Third party only cover will pay out in the event of any damage and/or injury you cause to other people. This is the minimum level of cover legally required in the UK.  

Third party, fire and theft policies will cover you for damage by fire or by theft, as well as any damage you cause to a third party. 

A fully comprehensive policy will cover damage to your vehicle and injury to yourself, as well as all the above. 

What to expect from Aixam 

Aixam is a French company that makes microcars, which are defined in the UK as having a petrol engine of no more than 700cc and either three or four wheels. They’re even smaller than Smart cars! 

They've garnered a reasonable amount of critical praise on their own, and are ideal for teenagers learning to drive. 

They can be driven just using a moped licence, which means that teenagers can drive them legally with only their provisional car licence.  

Even for qualified drivers, Aixam cars are a good investment for trips in your local area. They may feel fragile, but because they tend to have a top-speed of about 30mph, there’s a much-reduced chance of speeding into a crash. 

They're also much cheaper to insure than most normal cars. All cars sold in the UK are given a number between 1 and 50, corresponding to their insurance group. The lower the number, the cheaper the car is to insure. 

In February 2018, the highest insurance group Aixam’s cars could be found in was 15, making them relatively cheap to insure. 

Top tips for Aixam insurance 

Whether it’s a motorbike or a car insurance policy, we can help you compare the various insurance products for Aixam cars to get the right policy for you. 

By Nick Dunn