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American car insurance

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Insuring American cars in the UK

If you drive an American car - either one you’ve imported from the States or a used one bought over here - it’ll be trickier to insure than your average British car.

Not all insurers will cover them, so you’ll have less choice of policies. Others will be able to insure you but will add restrictions, like only insuring drivers over the age of 25, or those who’ve held a licence for a number of years.

Your car insurance could be more expensive too:

  • American cars tend to be larger and more powerful than UK cars
  • The cost of repairs is higher as parts might need to be imported from abroad - particularly American classic cars with older parts which are difficult to source
  • Specialist mechanics might have to handle any repairs
american car insurance

Cut the cost of American car insurance

It can be more expensive to insure an American car. Your choice of insurers might be limited if you’re driving a left-hand car. And if you’ve got less choice it can be more expensive.

There are a few things you can consider to get it cheaper though...

  1. Value of your car

    If you’ve got an expensive car, it’ll cost more to insure. Agree your car’s value with your insurer before your policy starts. That way, you’ll know how much they’ll pay out if you need to claim

  2. Age of your car

    Newer cars can be cheaper to insure as they have more safety features installed

  3. Mileage

    As with UK cars, if you drive a low number of miles annually you won’t have to pay as much on your premiums

  4. Modifications

    If your car’s been modified you’ll pay more for your insurance

  5. Joining an official car club

    They might negotiate deals with insurers for their members

  6. Your no claims bonus

    Insurers will give you discounts for each year you don’t claim

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Laid up policies

If you’re restoring an American car, you could take out a laid-up insurance policy until you get it on the road.

That’ll cover things like damaged or stolen parts, but won’t insure you for driving the car anywhere.

Some policies can also cover you if you’re exhibiting your car at a show.

Wedding hire cover

If you use your American car to drive someone to their wedding, you’ll need specialist insurance if you’re going to charge them for this, known as wedding hire or executive cover.

Take out a business policy if you’re looking to do it regularly.

It can be more expensive to insure an American car & your choice of insurers might be limited if you’re driving a left-hand car. Compare quotes today and see if you can save.

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