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[1] Up to £250 refunded after claim settled. Car insurance purchases only. Excludes breakdown, windscreen and glass repair/replacement. Full T&Cs apply.

Comprehensive is the highest level of car insurance cover

A comprehensive car insurance policy will cover damage to you, your car and any third parties if you’re involved in an accident. 

Policies will pay out if your vehicle’s damaged or lost due to theft, fire, or vandalism and comprehensive cover can help you buy a replacement if your car’s written-off.

Watch out though - ‘comprehensive’ doesn’t mean everything’s included in the policy as standard and lots of providers charge extra for optional cover such as personal accident insurance or legal expenses.

Breakdown cover, cover for the theft of in-car gadgets, windscreen repair or replacement and courtesy cars are also all commonly offered as added extras.

Check policy documents to find out exactly what is and isn’t included on policies before you choose. Compare prices, and pick the right cover for you.

51% of our customers saved up to £247 on their car insurance[2]

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Do I really need comprehensive cover?

It's a legal requirement in the UK to have car insurance if you drive, but it doesn't have to be comprehensive.

You could choose third party-only or third party, fire and theft insurance instead, but then your own car won't be covered if you’re involved in an accident that’s deemed to be your fault.

The cost of comprehensive car insurance

You want the best deal you can get, but it's not all about the price.

When you get quotes and compare prices, you might even find that comprehensive cover is cheaper than third party only.

That’s because third party options tend to attract drivers at a higher risk of accidents, meaning that insurers' can class these policyholders as more likely to make a claim. 

So even if you’re trying to find ways to save money on your car insurance, make sure you check comprehensive quotes alongside other options, and see if you could get comprehensive cover for the same cost, or less, than third party.

Common comprehensive insurance exclusions

Here are a few things that your comprehensive car insurance won’t cover:

  1. Driving under the influence

    Don’t do it. Being over the drink drive limit, or being intoxicated by drugs invalidates your cover

  2. Irresponsible security

    Leaving windows and doors open or unlocked and having valuables on display

  3. Wear and tear

    If your car is damaged by general use

  4. Invalid driving licence

    You need to have passed your driving test and kept your licence up to date

  5. Misfuelling

    Some policies won’t cover you if you put the wrong fuel in your car, but some do - check your documents

Comprehensive insurance and driving other cars

Don’t assume that just because you have own comprehensive car insurance that you’ll be insured for driving other cars.

It doesn't come as standard on all policies, and even when it does feature, it's usually reserved for emergency situations or one-offs only - like test-driving a car you’re interested in buying from a private seller.

Check the terms and conditions of your policy before driving someone else's car.

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[1]Up to £250 refunded after claim settled. Car insurance purchases only. Excludes breakdown, windscreen and glass repair/replacement. Full T&Cs apply.

[2]Price savings are based on independent research by Consumer Intelligence, conducted between 1 April to 30 April 2019:
It compared 28 insurers from our panel and found 51% could save up to £247.29 with us on their car insurance

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