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[1] Up to £250 refunded after claim settled. Car insurance purchases only. Excludes breakdown, windscreen and glass repair/replacement. Full T&Cs apply

The rise of electric cars

Electric cars have hit the mainstream and buying car insurance for them is now no more difficult or expensive than for petrol and diesel vehicles. 

There are plenty of other benefits to getting an electric vehicle. They’re cheap to run, better for the environment, you don’t have to pay vehicle excise duty, or the congestion charge in London.

How much is electric car insurance?

The price of any car insurance policy will depend on your driving history and experience.

All insurers calculate premiums differently and comparing prices will help to find you the most competitive deal for you and your car.

When they first appeared on our roads, insurance for electric cars used to be more expensive than for petrol or diesel cars because parts and repairs were more costly.

But now they’ve hit the mainstream, electric cars should have similar insurance costs to their petrol and diesel counterparts.

As an extra advantage you’ll make savings elsewhere, for example on road tax.

Letting insurance renew without checking prices costs drivers a collective £592m a year - so make sure you shop around

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Cutting the cost of electric car cover

There are a few ways to reduce the price of your insurance policy

  1. Restrict annual mileage

    Some electric cars have smaller ranges on each charge and the less distance you drive the less you pay – just make sure you’re accurate

  2. Don’t auto-renew

    The number of companies provide electric vehicle cover is growing all the time, so don’t just let your insurance auto-renew with your existing provider

  3. Compare quotes

    Shop around for electric car insurance to make sure you’re getting the right policy

Do all insurance companies offer electric car cover?

Most mainstream insurance companies do offer electric car insurance and some specialist car companies also offer policies for electric cars and eco vehicles.

There’s no need to stick to the same insurer each year for your electric car because shopping around could save you money.

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Things to consider when buying an electric car

There are features of electric car insurance you'll have to think carefully about.

Electric cars are charged using power cables, so you might want to check your insurer provides liability cover if yours causes an accident, for example if someone trips over it.

With some brands, you can lease batteries instead of buying them outright to reduce the purchase cost of your electric car. If you decide to do this, make sure your insurer knows and is still happy to cover you - you don't want to find out you're liable only after the car’s written off in an accident.

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[1]Up to £250 refunded after claim settled. Car insurance purchases only. Excludes breakdown, windscreen and glass repair/replacement. Full T&Cs apply.

[2]Department for Transport’s ‘Vehicle Licensing Statistics: (April 2018)’ by the end of 2017 there were 37.7m vehicles licenced for use on the roads in Great Britain, 83% of which were cars - that's 31,291,000. 15% of motorists auto-renewed their car insurance policy at the last renewal without checking prices 
15% of 31,291,000 motorists auto-renewed = 4,693,650 
51% of those could have saved on their car insurance = 2,393,761 
2,393,761 x £247.29 = £591,953,157, which we rounded up to £592m

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