Esure car insurance

Not sure if esure car insurance is for you? Then have a little look at our guide! Cancellation fees, customer reviews and Michael Winner all feature...

Key points

  • Esure markets itself as car insurance for safe drivers
  • The reviews for its car insurance are generally positive
  • Does not offer third party only insurance (TPO)

"Calm down dear!" 

Three words that built an empire. 

It made Michael Winner more famous than his films ever did. David Cameron got into some bother using it while he was prime minister in 2011. And it helped make esure one of the fastest-growing car insurance companies of all time. 

What is esure?   

Sir Peter Wood launched esure in 2000.  

He had revolutionised the insurance game once before in 1985 by introducing the first phone-only insurer. And he was at it again with esure. This time though it was with the internet.  

The aim was to drive down premiums by direct selling car insurance to low-risk drivers. Unlike Michael Winner... wait, it's a commercial. Right? 

Did you know...?

This ad's also available as a remix: 
Esure, esure e-e-e-e-esure!

esure car insurance  

You can approach esure for a quote. But bear in mind that it only takes on what it deems as safe drivers. What exactly makes for a safe driver isn't qualified on the website. 

So save yourself a bit of time - and some dosh - and use a price comparison website. We hear GoCompare is pretty good. 

Basic cover - comprehensive, third party & third party, fire and theft  

As esure is aimed at safe drivers, it does not offer third party only (TPO) insurance. This is because TPO tends to attract higher-risk drivers, such as new drivers. 

The lowest level cover that esure offers is third party, fire and theft (TPFT). The highest is fully comprehensive. What exactly is included in these policies can change, so it's worth investigating before buying. 

So what perks do esure offer? Its policies frequently feature: 

  • In-car entertainment cover 
  • Motoring legal advice line  
  • 24-hour accident helpline  
  • Guaranteed repair work 
  • Windscreen cover 
  • Driving other cars  
  • Legal liability 
  • Courtesy car  

Other add-ons that esure can offer include: 

  • Misfuelling insurance 
  • Personal injury cover 
  • Car hire benefit 
  • Breakdown cover 
  • Key cover 

Temporary car insurance may not be offered by esure. But esure usually has multi-car insurance available though. 

If your household has more than one vehicle, then going for multi-car insurance can sometimes save you a few bob.  

Can I read reviews for esure car insurance? 

Sure you can. There's the odd verified esure car insurance review out there: 

  • 5 stars from Defaqto 
  • Auto Express' Driver Power car insurance survey 2017 put esure 23rd out of 25 major providers 

Esure posts car insurance reviews from Trustpilot on its site. It also seems to respond to reviews posted on Trustpilot. At the time of writing, its score was 4 out of 5 stars. 

These stats were accurate in February 2018. But one day these figures will be lost in time, like tears in rain. 

Esure prides itself on its customer services. It won Consumer Intelligence awards for motor claims satisfaction in 2016 and in 2017.  

If I leave esure, is there a cancellation fee?  

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You get a cooling-off period whenever you buy car insurance. It lasts 14 days. 

You can cancel your policy for whatever reason you want, yet you might have to pay an admin fee if you do. 

It looks like esure is one of the car insurance providers that does charge a cancellation fee during the cooling-off period. It often goes up if you cancel after the cooling-off period. There are similar fees made for changes to your details during your time with esure. 

Fees and charges sometimes change though. It's always best to familiarise yourself with a policy's terms and conditions before committing to buy. 

By Sam Easterbrook