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Types of car insurance

4x4 vehicles

4x4 insurance can be costly - find out how to get the right deal and whether you need to insure your vehicle as a car or a van.

Additional driver insurance

If you need to add a second driver, or multiple drivers, to your policy find out about your options.

American cars

It's getting easier to buy American cars here, or import them into the UK yourself, but just how easy are they to insure?

Company car tax implications

Company cars and fuel cards can seem like a great perk for employees, but how will they affect your income tax?

Cover to driver other cars

If you need to drive a car that isn't your usual vehicle, don't assume you're covered by your standard policy.

Cover for drivers with a criminal conviction

If you have a criminal conviction it can be hard to get insurance, but our guide can help you work through your options.

Disabled drivers

If you've any modifications to your car, you'll need to declare these to your insurer. Find information and help on where to go to find the right policy for you here.

Electric car insurance

Compare electric or hybrid car insurance from multiple providers.

Guaranteed asset protection (Gap) insurance

Find out what it is, how it works, if it's worth it, and whether you need it.

Hybrid car insurance

Hybrid cars use a combination of electricity and petrol. Compare car insurance quotes for petrol-electric hybrid cars here.

Insuring your car for work use

If you drive a car for business, whether you're self-employed or working for a company, you'll need business car insurance.

Kit cars

Kit cars usually need specialist insurance whilst they're being built. Find out about construction cover, and cover for on the road.

Learner drivers

If you're just getting started learning to drive, you've got a few options for going about it and getting the right insurance. Find out more and get covered here.

Lease car insurance

You can insure your lease car with standard car insurance. Find out how to make sure you've got the right cover.

Left hand driver and imports

Compare car insurance for left-hand drive and other import vehicles and learn about some of the potential pitfalls.

Modified car insurance

Premiums are usually higher for modified cars. But all insurers treat them differently, so prices can vary.

Insurance in Northern Ireland

Insuring a car in Northern Ireland used to be more expensive than the rest of the UK. Find out more about how to keep costs down.

Older drivers

With potentially years of claim-free driving, older drivers often have cheaper premiums. And there are specialist policies available too.

Performance car insurance

Some insurers are reluctant to cover performance cars because of repair costs, but it's not impossible to find reasonable cover.

Professional sports people

If you make your living as a professional sportsman or sportswoman it can be difficult to find a competitive car insurance premium.

Republic of Ireland car insurance

Get quotes for car insurance if you live and drive in the Republic of Ireland.

Short-term car insurance

If you need quick and irregular cover to drive a car, or only drive occasionally, short-term cover could be your best option.

Short-term learner car insurance

Learner driver insurance provides flexible cover if you’ll be practising to drive in your own car or someone else’s. Find out more.

Sports cars

Want to insure your BMW, Jaguar, or Toyota sports car? You can compare sports car policies and insurers with us.

Student car insurance

If you're a student, you'll want the best price and the right level of cover - learn more and search providers.

Black box car insurance

Compare quotes and learn why pay-how-you-drive could be a good option for experienced and older drivers, as well as new and young motorists.

Third party, fire and theft

Read about third party, fire and theft insurance, then compare quotes to find the right deal for you.

Third party only car insurance

Find out what third party only insurance is and whether it could be the right product for you.

Track day car insurance

Find a car insurance policy for your road going race car, out on the track and on public roads.

Womens car insurance

Women's premiums used to be cheaper than men's, but the European Court of Justice's gender directive has had a huge impact.

Administrative charges

You'll usually have to pay to change or cancel a car insurance policy. Learn about adjustment and cancellation fees, duplicate document charges, cooling-off periods and your rights.

Approved repairers

If your car needs repair after an accident, you don't have to use your insurer's approved repairer. Find out about the implications of choosing your own.

Auto-renewal of car insurance

Allowing your existing provider to auto-renew your policy every year is one of the most common mistakes made by motorists. Find out why.

Car insurance brokers

If you need specialist car insurance, you may want to consult a broker, but usually you can still compare all your options online too.

Car insurance claim rejections

Claims may be turned down for a variety of reasons - find out how to avoid the pitfalls and ensure you have cover when you need it most.

Car insurance cover notes

If you're taking out a policy you might be issued with a cover note. Read on to find out what these are.

Car insurance myths

There are plenty of common misconceptions. We sort the facts from the fiction here.

Child car seat insurance

Could you afford to replace your child's car seat if it was damaged in an accident? Find out more about child car seat insurance and whether you should have it.

Courtesy car cover

Find out all you need to know about courtesy car cover and ensure you have the right insurance if your vehicle is off the road.

Cue database

Find out all about the Claims and Underwriting Exchange database (Cue) and how it could impact on your insurance premiums.

Dashboard cameras

How does having a dash cam in your vehicle affect the cost of your car insurance? And how is camera evidence used?

Declarations and non disclosure

Mistakes in insurance applications often lead to a policy being refused, cancelled or made void. Avoid these common mistakes by reading our guide.

Driving abroad

Not all policies will cover you to drive in the EU and beyond. And your level of cover might be different too. Read this guide before your next foreign road trip.


Excess is made up of two parts; your compulsory and voluntary. We explain what it all means, and how changing your excess affects your insurance premiums.

Exchanging details

Learn what you should do after an accident, and print out a traffic accident record to keep in your car. It'll help you remember to collect important details in the event of an incident.

Ford car insurance

Comparing car insurance prices is the best way to be sure you're getting the right cover for the right price. Find out how much your Ford costs to insure.

Flood damage

Do you have insurance cover for your car if it's caught in a flood? Find out more about insurance to cover avoidable and unavoidable flooding.

Fronting and vehicle insurance

Learn more about fronting, a common type of fraud that many parents and other older drivers are unwisely trying to save money, and breaking the law, by doing.

Green car insurance

What are the green, environmentally friendly options available when you shop around for cover? Find out more about greener insurance policies.

Guaranteed agreed value policies

Some car insurance policies guarantee your vehicle at an agreed value rather than market value. It's a popular choice for classic and modified cars.

How are car insurance quotes calculated

Find out how insurance companies use risk factors such as your address, occupation and driving history to calculate your quotes.

Insurance claims after an accident

There's no shortage of advice on what to do in the event of an accident or collision, but what about in the days and weeks afterwards?

Is my car insured?

If you've lost your policy documents, or can't remember if your car's insured, we'll help you get your admin sorted.

Legal expenses

If you're concerned about the legal costs after making a claim, find out more in this guide about what you can get covered for.

Lost car keys insurance

The right replacement key cover on your car insurance could help with lost and stolen keys, car hire and transportation of a stranded vehicle to a repairer.

Low mileage

Car insurance can be cheaper for low-mileage drivers - compare prices and find a limited mileage policy for you.

Medical problems and driving

There are certain medical conditions you need to declare to the DVLA, and your insurer. Find out more about what you need to disclose here.

Misfuelling cover

Could car insurance or a breakdown policy cover the costs if you’ve put the wrong fuel in your vehicle? Read more about misfuelling insurance.

New car replacement cover

The right car insurance can offer you a new vehicle if it’s declared a total loss in its first few months on the road.

Optional extras for car insurance

There are lots of add-ons and optional extras available to you. Find out about the most popular, the average cost, and consider your options.

Overnight parking

When you apply for cover you will be asked where you keep your vehicle overnight - find out how this can impact on your premium.


New drivers - find out more about P-plates, how to display them, and whether they impact on your car insurance.

Pay as you go

Pay as you go insurance can be a cheaper way to insure your car if you drive infrequently, or if you're a new or young driver battling sky-high premiums.

Personal injury cover

Find out more about personal injury cover, and the claims process, with your car insurance policy.

Personal possessions cover

Have you considered the value of the personal items you carry around in your car, and whether they’d be covered in the event of a theft or accident?


Find out more about how to claim for damage caused by potholes. Whether through your insurance, or with the local authorities.


Q-plate cars can be tricky to insure. FInd out more about how to insure obscurer cars, like KIT cars here.

Security and car insurance premiums

Tips to keep your car secure and information on how approved alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices can lower your insurance.


Find out about the steps you should take to report a theft, how to go about recovering your car, and how to make a claim.

Towing insurance

You'll need to make sure you have the right insurance before you tow with your car. Find out more about the rules, plus some helpful tips for towing safely.

Uninsured driver claims

Find out what happens to your premiums, excess and no claims bonus if you’re hit by an uninsured driver and whether you’ll have to cover the costs.

Windscreen cover

Including an element of windscreen cover on your car insurance could help with windscreen cracks, stone chips and replacements.

Write offs and category C and D

Find out more about repairing written off category C and D vehicles and getting them insured.

Paying the price to fuel the nation

Petrol prices have become a painful talking point for many UK drivers. As costs rise across all sectors of society, fuel is one of the areas seeing the most dramatic increases. We’ve taken a look at how this is impacting motorists and what can be done to counter it.

Whiplash car insurance claims

The rules for whiplash claims have changed. Find out how much compensation you may be entitled to if you’ve suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, and how to make a claim.

Who are the electric car buyers?

We’re comparing more electric car insurance all the time, but who’s driving them? Our report reveals where green transport is the most popular.

Car insurance companies


Tesco offers a decent range of insurance services – looks like every little helps, even when it comes to insurance.


They've been keeping us on the road for generations, and they can keep your car covered too.


Churchill is one of the most well-known car insurance providers in the UK.


Looking for the right car insurance? Admiral might be for you.

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