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Driving guides: Index

Driving guides index: a happy couple in a MG convertible

Our driving guides can help you with all aspects of road management, including improving your skills, avoiding danger and motoring more efficiently.

Advanced driving courses

Information on Pass Plus, IAM and other driver courses. What are their benefits, and can they lower your premiums?

Advanced driving courses »

Crash-for-cash warning for motorists

Find out about the rise in so-called crash-for-cash and flash-for-cash scams that lead to rising premiums and compromise road safety.

Crash-for-cash warning for motorists »

Driving licences

Information on the most common licences, including provisional, UK full, UK automatic, European licences and the International Driving Permit.

Driving licences »

Driving safely with an animal in the car

Make sure you know how to keep you and your pet safe whilst driving with animals in a vehicle.

Driving safely with an animal in the car »

Drug driving

What are the car insurance implications of drug driving and what legislation is in place around the issue?

Drug driving »

Guide to driving abroad

Know the legal and insurance requirements if you're driving abroad, with specific information on driving in Europe and Green Cards.

Guide to driving abroad »

Guide to good driving

Brush up on good driving tips in order to stay safe on the road.

Guide to good driving »

Guide to parking laws

Do you know where you can park and when? Or what to do if you get a ticket, a wheel clamp, or your car towed away?

Guide to parking laws »

History of motoring

Motoring is an essential part of many of our modern lives, but how did it all start?

History of motoring »

Medical problems and driving

When do the DVLA need to be informed of medical problems, and when should you stay off the road?

Medical problems and driving »

Multi-tasking motorists

Significant numbers of UK drivers are risking safety, driving bans and affordable premiums by multi-tasking at the wheel.

Multi-tasking motorists »

P plates and car insurance

Find out how P plates impact on car insurance and whether they could be the answer to helping inexperienced drivers gain confidence.

P plates and car insurance »


How to report potholes and how to make a claim if you suffer injury or damage to your car or other property as a result of one.

Potholes »

Psychology of driving

What do individual personality traits and psychological theory have to say about your ability to drive safely? Get the expert view...

Psychology of driving »

Smoking in cars carrying children

Find out more about the introduction of laws relating to smoking in cars carrying children.

Smoking in cars carrying children »

Speed awareness courses

Learn about speed awareness courses - who can take them, how much they cost, how they affect insurance prices and whether they improve your driving.

Speed awareness courses »

Speed cameras

Are speed cameras effective in reducing accidents, or are they just there to make money? Gocompare.com presents the results of its survey.

Speed cameras »

Teaching a learner to drive

Understand the practical, legal and insurance implications before teaching a newcomer behind the wheel how to drive.

Teaching a learner to drive »

The cost of whiplash

Find out what the rise in whiplash claims means for your pocket, and how you can counter the expense on your insurance.

The cost of whiplash »

Towing guide

All you need to know about towing a caravan or trailer, with information on towing weights, licences, speed limits and much more.

Towing guide »

What to do if your car breaks down

Find out what to do if your car has mechanical trouble, and get the right breakdown cover for you.

What to do if your car breaks down »

Winter driving

Tips for winter driving and on how to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for anything from a cold snap to extreme weather.

Winter driving »

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