Is my car insured?

If you’ve mislaid your certificate of motor insurance, there are various ways to check if your car is insured and the terms and status of your insurance.

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You’ve mislaid your car insurance documents, or forgotten your renewal, and you’ve got an awful feeling your cover has lapsed.

Don’t panic - it’s easy to get back on top of your insurance admin.

Key points

  • Get your vehicle registration number and visit the Motor Insurance Database (MID) to check when your car insurance is due
  • Lost certificates of motor insurance can be replaced for a charge
  • If you don’t need insurance because you won’t be driving, get a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)

How do I know if my car’s insured?

If you can’t find your car insurance policy or any associated papers, there’s a quick and easy way to check whether your vehicle’s insured.

Enter your car registration details on the Motor Insurers’ Bureau website to run a quick check against the Motor Insurance Database (MID).

It’s a free service and you’ll know within seconds if your vehicle is covered or not.

You’ll get a fine if you’re caught without insurance

If you don’t have insurance for your vehicle and you get stopped by the police you could be fined £300 and end up with six penalty points on your licence.

It’s well worth checking that your insurance is still in date and hasn’t expired without you realising.

And if you find it is still in date, set a reminder in your diary for when it’s up for renewal, because...

Auto-renewal comes at a cost

You should get an automatic renewal invitation from your car insurer, provided it has your current address, but it’s also worth making a note of it in your diary or calendar too.

Automatic renewals are convenient, but they're an opportunity for your insurer to hike the price of your cover.

Take matters into your own hands and compare prices when your car insurance is due to see if you can get a better deal.

Replace your insurance documents

78% of policies charge less than £10, but 6% charge more than £20 to replace your insurance documents -so keep them safe!

According to 363 comprehensive car insurance policies listed on Defaqto.[1]

What you can do if you’ve lost your insurance details

If you’ve checked the MID and found that you’re covered, it’s then a case of tracking down who your insurer is:

  • Looking through your online bank and credit card statements will help you track down the company
  • Search your email inbox for ‘car insurance’
  • Give your provider a call or drop them an email via the ‘contact us’ section of their website, explaining your situation
  • If you can’t find your current insurance certificate then you can request a duplicate from your insurer, but it might charge you for it
  • Once you do get your hands on your replacement certificate, keep it somewhere safe
  • Take a photocopy of your insurance certificate and keep it in your car glove box, or just take a picture on your phone - that way you can get your hands on it quickly if needs be

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[1]Last checked 27 August 2019

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