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Car ownership guides: Index

Car ownership guides index

Our car ownership guides can help you with all aspects of buying, running, maintaining and selling your motor.


Alternatives to owning a car

With the soaring cost of motoring, have you considered car clubs, car rental, leasing or cycling as alternatives to car ownership?

Alternatives to owning a car »

Buying and selling cars privately

A private car sale can seem an attractive proposition, but have you considered the practicalities, paperwork, insurance cover and other implications?

Buying and selling cars privately »

Car finance and loans

From car finance deals to personal loans and credit cards, there are plenty of funding options when it comes to buying a car.

Car finance and loans »

Checking a car's history

A car's history can now be determined with more certainty - find out what you should be looking for when buying a used car.

Checking a car's history »

Company car tax implications

Company cars and fuel cards can seem like a great perk for employees, but how will they affect your income tax?

Company car tax implications »

Electric cars and other eco vehicles

Sick of rising petrol prices? Keen on a greener vehicle? You may be considering an electric or hybrid car, but how practical and affordable are they? Read also our guide on insuring an electric car.

Electric cars and other eco vehicles »

Essential motoring checklist

How to set your car up for safe motoring and to prepare you and your vehicle for emergency situations on the road.

Essential motoring checklist »

How to SORN your car

Statutory Off Road Notification, or SORN, offocially informs the DVLA that your car is off the road, and you don’t have to tax or insure it.

How to SORN your car »

Logbook loans

Logbook loans are short-term finance deals that've attracted much criticism for high rates and harsh terms. Find out more…

Logbook loans »

MOT checklist

All the essential info about MOTs, and how to make them as cheap and painless as possible.

MOT checklist »

Number plates

Find out what the numbers and letters on vehicle registration plates stand for, with information on legal requirements, replacements and personalised plates.

Number plates »

Petrol prices

Fuel prices are a huge concern for motorists, but road users may be making a false economy by driving miles trying to find cheap fuel.

Petrol prices »

Questions to ask yourself before buying a car

Review the key things you should be considering before agreeing on one of your biggest purchases.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a car »

Tyre guides

A guide to choosing and looking after car tyres, with information on tyre pressure, checking legal limits, tyre sizes, remoulds, winter tyres and more.

Tyre guides »

Van versus car: The running costs

Ever been tempted to trade in the car for a van? The additional costs may not be as high as you think, but there are a number of factors to consider...

Van versus car: The running costs »


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