Kit car insurance

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What’s different about kit car insurance?

Your kit car’s highly personalised by you, and isn’t built by a recognised car manufacturer, so standard car insurance might not cover you.

You’ll need specialist insurance, and need to tell insurers everything about your car so they can calculate a quote.

It can be expensive to insure your kit car, but we can help you find a competitive deal.

Kit car insurance

Insuring during and after the build

You can cover your kit car while you’re still building it, as well as when it’s finished.

  • During build

    Your kit car will need to be insured before it’s even finished - this is known as build-up insurance.

    It covers your car for fire damage, theft and accidental damage while you’re building it.

    If you’re collecting and transporting the individual components and tools, look at policies that have a goods in transit add-on option to insure them en route. It’ll cover you for theft, loss or damage to your car parts.

    You can also cover any expensive tools under your home insurance policy.

  • When it’s built

    Your kit car insurance will cover you for fire, theft and repairs, depending on the level of cover you’ve bought.

    Your insurer will usually give you an agreed value before the policy starts - this is the amount they’ll pay you if your car’s written off.

    It’ll take into consideration the hard work and expense you’ve put into your car, instead of just being based on its market value.

    Salvage retention rights could also be covered in your policy. That means that if your car’s written off, you might be able to buy back expensive parts.

    If you race or compete in your kit car, you can also get cover for track days and off-road driving but they’ll usually be optional extras you’ll need to pay for.

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How much does kit car insurance cover cost?

There’s no set price for kit car insurance as no two cars are the same.

The price is based on how big your engine is and what type of body your car has, among other things.

You might have to send photos or receipts to your insurer, so they can verify what you’ve told them about the car.

The price of your policy will also depend on your own personal circumstances - where you live, your age and your claims history.

Cut the cost of insuring your kit car

There are a few things you can do to reduce your premiums:

  1. Join a kit car club

    If you’re a member of a club, you might be able to get exclusive discounts for kit car insurance

  2. Reduce your mileage

    Low-mileage policies can work out cheaper as you’re spending less time on the road

  3. Improve your security

    Some insurers offer discounts for Thatcham-approved immobilisers, trackers and alarm systems

How to achieve a roadworthy status

Legally, all kit cars need to pass an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) before they can be registered for the road. Your car will be inspected by the DVLA and there’s a fee for this.

If you pass the IVA, you’ll need to complete a built up vehicle inspection report and finally, register your car for a number plate.

Document the build of your kit car with a list of all parts, plus photos of key build stages - they might be needed when it comes to filling out the forms.

If you have goods in transit cover as part of your kit car insurance policy, it might insure you for taking the car to be tested - but always check first.