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  • Veygo by Admiral offers flexible monthly, daily or hourly car insurance for learner drivers. From 1 hour to 180 days, learner driver insurance is an easy way to get extra practice in your own car, or a friend or family member’s car, with no impact on the owners no claim bonus. The DVSA recommends that learner drivers do as much private practice as possible alongside lessons. Get on the road in minutes and get practising.

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  • Learner Driver Insurance is a flexible way to practice driving in a friend or family member’s car without affecting their No Claims Discount. Comprehensive cover is available from 30 to 240 days which can then be extended. It’s quick and easy to get a quote, with instant cover available. The DVSA recommends learner drivers do as much private practice as possible alongside lessons, especially as most learners are now taking 6 months or more to pass their test.

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What is short-term learner driver insurance?

Short-term learner driver car insurance covers you while you’re learning to drive in your own or someone else’s car.

It provides car insurance cover while you’re having driving lessons and when you’re practising in between and in the run-up to your driving test.

Working alongside the car owner’s existing cover, taking out learner driver insurance means their no-claims discount won’t be impacted if you have an accident.

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How long does short-term learner driver insurance last?

Also known as provisional driver insurance, you can take out a learner driver policy to cover you from a couple of hours up to 12 months.

On passing your driving test, your learner driver insurance will no longer be valid.

As a newly qualified driver, you’ll need to let your insurer know so they can update your policy, or you can cancel it and take out a new one with a different provider.

Who needs short-term learner insurance?

Any driver with a provisional licence will need to be covered by car insurance when they’re on the road.

So, if you’ll be practising to drive in any car that’s not your qualified driving instructor’s, you’ll need learner insurance.

As the driver on a learner insurance policy, you’ll also need to:

  • Be a UK resident aged between 17 and 35
  • Have an address on your provisional driving licence that matches the address on your learner insurance policy
  • Not have any previous driving offences or convictions

Can I drive any car?

No, there are some restrictions on what you can drive as a learner.

Requirements can vary between providers, but typically the vehicle you’ll be driving must:

  • Be worth less than £40,000
  • Be registered in the UK
  • Not have had any modifications
  • Have less than seven seats (including the driver’s seat)
  • Not be a rental car

Legally, you’ll also need to be supervised by a driver who’s over 21 years old (25 years old, in some cases) and has had a full driving licence for at least three years.

When don’t I need learner driver insurance?

If you’re added to a family member or friend’s insurance policy as a learner driver you don’t need separate cover - but if you have an accident this may affect their no-claims discount.

On the other hand, if you take out provisional cover it means their no-claims bonus will be protected and you can start to build your own no-claims history.

You won’t need learner driver insurance if you’ll only be driving in your registered driving instructor’s car, as cover should automatically be included in the cost of your lessons.

Benefits of short-term car insurance

The more driving practice you’re able to have, the better chance there is of you passing your test - so being insured to drive a car outside of your instructor's can pay dividends.

Other benefits of provisional driving insurance include:

  • Covering you for private driving lessons and for practising in between
  • Providing flexible cover to insure you for just a few hours up to 12 months
  • Not affecting the car owner’s no-claims bonus if you need to make a claim
  • You’ll be insured to have extra driving practice in a car that’s not your instructor’s
  • With some learner driver policies, you can start to build your own no-claims discount

Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you’re using a car that’s not your driving instructor’s, your learner driver cover will still apply while you’re taking your test.

You’ll need to bring your insurance documents with you to the test centre and the car will need to meet the rules set by the government.

For example, your car must be taxed and insured for a driving test, and it must have a current MOT. You can find out more about the rules you’ll need to follow on

If you fail your driving test, your learner driver insurance will still be valid until either you pass your test or the policy expires.

No, as soon as you pass your test your learner driver insurance will no longer be valid.

You’ll need to have an insured driver to drive you home from your test, and you’ll need to let your insurer know you’ve passed so that they can update your cover.

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