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What’s multi-car insurance?

Multi-car insurance pulls all your car insurance policies together with a single insurer.

You’ll have one insurer for all the cars and drivers, instead of buying several policies from different providers.

It’ll usually only cover vehicles kept at the same address, but if one car needs to be kept away from home for extended periods, some multi-car policies will allow this - good news for children away at uni.

Check terms and conditions to find out whether your insurer allows for this type of cover though - not all do.

Is multi-car insurance cheaper than single car policies?

There's no guarantee it'll be the cheapest, but it’s worth checking.

To find out what works out cheaper for you, compare quotes on single-car policies, add them up, then try a multi-car quote to see if it costs less.

Just make sure you compare like for like in terms of the level of cover and features you need.

So if you want comprehensive insurance including legal cover and insurance for driving in Europe, only compare prices on policies that include those things.

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The cost is based on the drivers and cars

The driver’s age and the car insurance group are two of the biggest factors affecting the price.

So a multi-car policy that combines a 50-year-old driving a BMW i8 with an 18-year-old in a modified Citroen C3 will be priced based on the risk each poses to the insurer, combined into a single premium.

But your driving history, whether you’ve had accidents or got penalty points and even where you live will also affect the price, among other things.

Types of multi-car cover

Not all multi-car policies work the same way - there are two main types:

  • Linked multi-car policies

    This is when/where you join up multiple policies with one provider, so strictly speaking it’s not one policy.

    Each policy has different cover, benefits and add-ons - so you might add breakdown cover and legal expenses to your comprehensive policy but also have a basic third-party fire and theft policy for your teen, all under your multi-car insurance.

    Policies can start and finish on different dates too.

  • Multiple car cover on one policy

    With multiple car cover, your renewal dates are synced up - it’s one policy for all the cars.

    The cover is usually the same for every driver and car, but always check the paperwork to be sure.

Multi-car policy features and add-ons

There’s no standard list for what’s included in a multi-car policy.

Some will cost extra, so make sure you only add and pay for what you really need.

  1. First car discount

  2. Courtesy car

  3. European cover

  4. Windscreen repair

  5. Stereo cover

  6. Personal injury cover

  7. Sat-nav cover 

  8. Emergency helpline

  9. No claims bonus match

No-claims discounts on multi-car policies

On linked policies, no-claims discounts (NCDs) work in just the same way as on single car insurance policies – each driver earns their own, and only theirs will be affected if they make a claim.

But for multiple car cover under one policy, renewal dates are synced up for all policyholders.

That causes two problems:

  • If you switch to a multi-car policy part-way through an existing policy, you'll miss out on your NCD for that year
  • You might have to pay cancellation fees

Some insurers let you add each vehicle as it reaches renewal time.

Others will give you a quote for the second car when you’re getting cover for the first, and that quote will be guaranteed for when the second car’s up for renewal.

If your chosen insurer doesn’t do this, you could sync up all cars in the household on the date that the final car is due for renewal and take out short-term insurance in the interim for the remaining cars.

But that can be a more expensive option, when you could just insure for the year, protect your NCD, and be done with it.

Pros of multi-car insurance

  1. Multi-car policies are convenient 

  2. Sometimes there’s a discount for insuring all cars together

  3. You might be able to cover cars at different addresses – but check as not all providers can do this

  4. Your no-claims discount shouldn’t be affected if another driver on the policy claims - but check the small print

Cons of multi-car insurance

  1. The age and experience of drivers will affect the overall policy cost

  2. So will the condition and insurance group of all cars on the policy

  3. If another motorist on the policy makes a claim, the overall premium will rise

  4. If the renewal date for all cars and drivers is the same, you’ll get lumped with a big bill in one go if you pay annually. But if you have linked policies you can stagger start and end dates to avoid this

  5. You might think choosing to pay monthly solves the problem of a large annual bill, but then you’re essentially taking a loan from the insurer, with interest, and will pay more for your insurance overall

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