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One Call car insurance

Why not take a look at how One Call car insurance compares to the competition?

  • Breakdown cover is included as standard
  • One Call offers third party only, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive car insurance
  • Compare One Call car insurance to see how they measure up to other companies


Guide to One Call car insurance

Looking for the inside line on One Call car insurance? What do its customers think? What about the experts? Here's everything you need to know about One Call...

Key points

  • Based in Doncaster with UK call centre
  • Administration fees can be high
  • One Call car insurance reviews are a bit mixed

Boom boom boom, lemme hear you say One Call, One Call! 

One Call offers a range of different types of insurance, with car insurance being its staple. Let's get to know them a little better... 

Meet One Call Insurance  

Formed in 1995, you'll find One Call Insurance in Doncaster. It really likes The Outhere Brothers. Seriously, here's the greatest car insurance advert you will ever see.  

Lower league football fan? You may know One Call as the name of the oldest ground in the professional game, Mansfield Town's Field Mill. It also used to sponsor Doncaster Rovers. 

This is down to John Radford. He started One Call Insurance and he's the owner of Mansfield Town. 

Strictly speaking, One Call car insurance is a broker. It offers car insurance products from a select band of providers. So if you buy One Call car insurance, the actual policy will be underwritten by another company, but you'll deal with One Call.   

Can I get One Call car insurance?  

One Call will look at your details and the details of the car you want to insure before giving you a quote. 

Providers and brokers often offer little perks to customers to stand out from the crowd. One Call car insurance often includes: 


  • Free breakdown cover 
  • Motor legal service 
  • No claims discount guarantee 
  • Additional driver bonus builder 
  • Courtesy car 
  • 24-hour claims service and UK call centres 
  • Second car discount 
  • Flexible excess and flexible deposit 

As well as the perks, here's the broad categories of car insurance you can get from One Call...  


Comprehensive car insurance is the highest level cover available. What exactly is covered in your policy will depend on your personal circumstances. Yet you can expect it to cover you for: 

  • Injury to others (including passengers) 
  • Damage to third-party property 
  • Liability while towing 
  • Fire damage 
  • Theft and loss or damage to your vehicle 

Some providers will also include cover to drive other vehicles, but this by no means standard. Always check your terms and conditions. 

Third party only (TPO) 

The flipside to comprehensive cover is third party only car insurance. This is a legal requirement and is the most basic cover. Though weirdly it's not always the cheapest of the three types of car insurance. Anyway, third party will usually cover you for: 

  • Injury to others (including passengers) 
  • Damage to third-party property 
  • Liability while towing 

Damage you do to your own car is not included. Every policy is unique so look carefully at what's included before you buy. 

Third party, fire and theft protection (TPFT) 

Sitting between third party and comprehensive is TPFT. If you get this type of car insurance you can expect to be covered for:

  • Injury to others (including passengers) 
  • Damage to third-party property 
  • Liability while towing 
  • Fire damage and theft 

Again if you bash up your own car, an insurance provider is unlikely to cough up if you have TPFT. If you want that kind of cover, you may have to go for comprehensive car insurance. 

As well as the big three, One Call car insurance can also offer: 


One Call car insurance reviews  

One Call is a broker, not a provider, so it doesn’t have a Defaqto rating. It doesn’t have an affiliation with any independent feedback providers either, so there are no Reevoo or Feefo ratings. 

This means none of its customer feedback can be verified and validated as genuinely independent. 

So, although One Call gets good reviews on sites like Trustpilot, those reviews can’t be taken at face value. 

Consumer group Fairer Finance puts One Call Insurance at the very bottom of the pile. Its review in autumn 2017 had them 51st of the 51 insurance companies it looked at. One Call scored 31% in customer trust and 40% for transparency. There are also dedicated forums having a pop at One Call in certain corners of the internet. 

One possible source for the disgruntlement is the fees it can charge. You have the right to cancel a car insurance policy for whatever reason within the first 14 days. This is the cooling-off period. Yet companies can still levy an administration fee if you do cancel within this period. And One Call often charges a bit in fees.   

Comparing quotes from One Call 

One Call is a car insurance broker, so it gathers quotes from a panel of insurance providers. It may be able to get discounts, but it doesn't have access to all providers. 

You're more likely to get a wider range of quotes from insurance providers by using a price comparison website. Y'know... like GoCompare. 

By Sam Easterbrook