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Tesco Bank car insurance

Could Tesco Bank car insurance be the right option for you?

Why choose Tesco car insurance?

We’ve been grocery shopping with Tesco for decades, but did you know it also offers car insurance? It has comprehensive and third-party fire and theft car insurance for drivers aged 21 and over, and telematics insurance for drivers aged 17 to 35.

It doesn’t offer multi-car or short-term policies.

Although it might have been reliably providing you with your weekly shop, that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for your car insurance.

Make sure you’re getting the right insurance from the right provider by comparing policies to find one that suits your needs.

Optional extras for Tesco Bank car insurance

You can add policy extras to your Tesco car insurance to provide more cover, but they’ll add to the cost of your premiums, so only get them if you need to.

Tesco’s added extras are:

  • Breakdown cover
  • Upgraded courtesy car cover
  • Driver injury cover
  • Legal assistance
  • Key cover

Tesco offers an uninsured driver promise as standard with comprehensive policies, so you won’t lose your no claims discount if you’re hit by an uninsured driver.

Basic cover for EU driving is also included.

About Tesco Bank

Tesco Bank was originally formed jointly by Tesco and RBS in 1997. Since then, Tesco Bank has been fully bought by Tesco plc.

It aims “to be the bank for people who shop at Tesco”. But don’t worry – you don’t have to be a faithful Tesco shopper to take out its car insurance.

Tesco Bank prides itself on putting the customer first and rewarding loyalty, and that every small help makes a huge difference.

Get cheaper Tesco Bank car insurance

The ways you can save money on your car insurance are pretty much the same no matter which provider you choose.

Pay annually instead of monthly, build up your driving experience and improve vehicle security are a few ways you can get cheaper car insurance.

Tesco Clubcard Members can also get a guaranteed discount on Tesco Bank car insurance.

Telematics policies can be a cheaper alternative to regular car insurance, especially for younger drivers.

The cheapest car insurance isn’t necessarily the right one for you, so compare all your options to see what’s the most suitable.

£4 million refunded to customers with free excess cover^^

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