The Rarest Classic Cars left on the road

When they drive past us on the road, our heads turn. We take pictures of them and share them with our friends, we go to events all about them, and we dream of one day owning one of our own. Rare classic cars are still out there, growing rarer by the day. We take a look at the rarest of them all, including some models that may be the last of their kind in existence.

We’re not getting emotional, honest.

Still on the road, just.
The rarest classic cars left driving.


The top 50 rarest
classic cars

The fewest remaining models registered to drive on UK roads

Image of two rarest cars
  # Brand Model Year of
Total cars
remaining in 2020

Driving into decline -
the 10 cars with not long left

Because of their age, the money required to keep them updated and the lack of engineers left capable of maintaining them, many classic cars are dying breeds. Even with classic car insurance, the costs involved with some older models puts lots of people off driving them, and some more than others are running out of miles.

Based on their rate of decline - the number of cars left now compared to how many were around during previous years - we’ve predicted which cars are on their way out, and when they might be extinct all together.

What a difference a decade makes – the cars fading fast

Some cars are quickly going out of fashion. Models that were prevalent on the roads in 2010 and now looking more sparse, with their numbers in steep decline. Styles change, engines change, and eventually these cars will just be a flashback to the past.

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