Track day car insurance

We don’t compare track day insurance but here are some companies[1] offering quotes[2]

  • As one of the UK’s leading specialist Motorsport brokers, we’ve partnered with Equity Red Star to launch our Track Day cover. The Track Day insurance arranged by Reis Motorsport will offer you the level of cover needed which will help you to mitigate the financial consequences should anything happen – meaning you can fully enjoy your Track Day experience.

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  • Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance is a specialist motor racing insurance broker and one of Europe’s premier insurers for professional GT, sports car and single seater racing teams and drivers. Track Day Insurance is offered across the UK and Europe for many recognised circuits.

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Insurance for the road and the track

If you participate in rallies, rallycross or open track days, and you don’t tow your vehicle on a trailer, you'll need car insurance to drive to the tournament and get on the track.

Modifications such as roll cages, bucket seats, or seatbelt harnesses aren’t covered by standard polices, so you’ll need specialist insurance.

Competition car insurance

Mechanics and modifications

If you use your car for track days or competitions and regular driving, it’ll need to be built out of parts that are approved for road use. If it’s not, your insurance will be invalid.

Insurers ask for extensive details to process claims for modified race cars - they’ll want to know exactly what spec and condition the car was in prior to the damage.

To make future claims run as smoothly as possible, declare all changes and modifications you’ve made to the car, however small.

Competition cars and regular road use

Competition and track car insurance may limit your use of roads.

No matter how fun they are to drive, insurers will rarely let you use them to pop to the shops or do the school run.

Instead, you’ll be covered for trips to and from race circuits, as well as car shows and officially recognised owner’s club meetings.

Some might cover more general use, but restrict social, domestic and pleasure driving. Policies on a limited mileage basis are available too.

Make sure you have the correct cover for your car and your needs. If you exceed your cover limits, you’ll invalidate your insurance.

Insuring your car for track and event use

When setting up your car insurance, make sure you mention that the vehicle is a competition car, and will be used on a track.

You can choose what level of cover you need:

  1. Track cover

    It’s not a legal requirement to have track insurance cover, so if you don’t need it just insure your car for road use

  2. Best of both

    For when you need cover on the track and road, check the limits and conditions carefully

  3. Motorsport class

    Depending on the regulations of your motorsport, you might need to get competition insurance and regular driving cover separately

  4. Modifications

    You might need a specialist modified car insurance policy that allows for track days and competitions if your car is heavily modified

  5. Ad hoc racing

    It could be cheaper for you to take out a separate temporary track day policy if you only compete occasionally

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[1]We do not offer a full comparison service on unoccupied home insurance at but instead have provided links to some companies that offer unoccupied home insurance. These companies are not listed in an order that indicates that one is better than another but are instead ordered in line with our commercial arrangement with each one. Please remember, as different companies offer different policies, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs

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