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We don’t compare track day insurance but here are some companies[1] offering quotes[2]

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  • As one of the UK’s leading specialist motorsport brokers, we’ve partnered with Equity Red Star to launch our track day cover. Track day insurance arranged by Reis Motorsport will offer you the level of cover needed to help you mitigate the financial consequences should anything happen – meaning you can fully enjoy your track day experience.

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  • Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance is a specialist motor racing insurance broker and one of Europe’s premier insurers for professional GT, sports car, and single-seater racing teams and drivers. Track day insurance is offered across the UK and Europe for many recognised circuits.

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What is track day insurance?

Track day insurance provides cover for accidental damage to your vehicle when you’re driving on a circuit. For example, if you crash into another car or a barrier.

It’s important to not assume your car insurance provider will pay out if you have an accident on a racetrack; in fact, it’s an exclusion on most policies. That’s why finding the right track day insurance is a must if you want to burn some rubber.

Track day car insurance

How does track day insurance work?

This type of insurance will pay out if your car is damaged and needs repairing or replacing when you’ve been driving on a track as part of an organised event.

Typically, it will only cover your car, so it won’t include third-party liability, or insure against any injuries sustained by yourself or anyone else caused by your driving. Any damage you cause to another vehicle is the other owner’s responsibility, so if they don’t have their own track day insurance, they’ll need to pay for repairs themselves.

Having a separate track day policy from your car insurance means your no-claims bonus is protected if you have an accident on the track.

Policies can cover one event or multiple days or events, depending on your needs.

You may find some policies are only to be used on specific circuits and depending on which one you’ll be driving on, you could pay more if it’s classed as a dangerous track.

Do I need track-day insurance?

It’s not a legal requirement, however, you could find yourself out of pocket if you damage your car while using it on a track and if you’ve got an expensive high-performance car, costs could be eye-wateringly expensive.

What does track-day insurance cover?

Typically, you’ll be covered for accidental damage to your vehicle while using the track whether it’s your fault or not, as well as fire damage and theft. But it may also be possible to add optional extras to your policy including:

  • Storage and transportation cover – For transporting your vehicle to track days and events (on a trailer, for instance), as well as storing it outside of race season
  • Race cover – This is for professional racing cars and teams
  • Personal accident cover – If you injure yourself while on the track in your car
  • Travel cover – It’s possible to get track day insurance as part of a single-trip or annual travel insurance policy

What won’t typically be covered by track day insurance:

  • Towing your car to a garage for any necessary repairs if you have an accident on the track
  • Any damage you cause to other vehicles on the track or to the track
  • Injuries to third parties or yourself
  • Driving your car to the track (some policies may include this, so read the terms and conditions), you’ll need standard car insurance for this
  • Fire damage to your vehicle that isn’t a result of an impact on the circuit
  • There may be an age restriction on track day policies, for example, you might need to be over 25 years old
  • Insurance providers may have a limit on the value of car they’re willing to insure
  • Any damage sustained if someone who isn’t a named driver on the policy was behind the wheel
  • Damage to your car during a race or time trial
  • Mechanical breakdown of the engine or gearbox while on the track

Does track day insurance cover me for regular road use?

No, it will only cover you on the racetrack at specified events unless explicitly mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Your car insurance policy is for regular road use and it’s a legal requirement if you drive or park your vehicle on public roads. You must have at least third-party only cover, but often a comprehensive policy can be a cheaper option. Compare policies to find one that’s the right price while also providing you with enough cover.

Can I be covered if I've modified my car?

Yes, you can find track day cover for a modified car, but it will likely raise the price of your premium.

This is because improvements made to the appearance of your car can make it more expensive to replace parts if it’s damaged, and improvements to performance can result in a higher risk of accidents.

How much does track day insurance cost?

This will depend on a few different factors, including:

  • The value of your vehicle. An expensive supercar will cost more to insure
  • Modifications to the performance or appearance of your vehicle
  • Whether you want cover for one track day, or multiple days
  • Your age, previous claims history on track days, and any driving convictions
  • The track you’re planning to drive on - a more dangerous course will result in a higher premium
  • The amount of voluntary excess you’re willing to pay

How can I get cheaper premiums?

It may be possible to find a cheaper price for your track day insurance by:

  • Deciding whether a multi-day or annual policy would be more cost-effective than purchasing several separate day-long policies
  • Increasing your voluntary excess - this is how much you would need to pay towards a claim, but it’s important to make sure you’d be able to afford this amount comfortably
  • Take your vehicle to a track that is considered safer. This could be one that has large run-off areas located on parts of the track where drivers are more likely to veer off the course
  • Use a vehicle that doesn’t have extreme modifications to performance or aesthetics
  • If you regularly take your vehicle to a track without having to make a claim, you should see your premiums start to lower as the insurer will have evidence that you’re a lower risk

How to insure your car for track and event use

If you want to use your car both on the road and on the track, think about:

Track cover

Track day insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but it can put your mind at ease that your pride and joy will be protected when you’re driving around a circuit

Road use and track cover

This type of policy will cover your vehicle on a racetrack as well as on public roads. You’ll need to find a specialist insurer as it’s quite niche, but you should be able to find a policy that matches the level of cover you need

Motorsport class

It’s possible to get bespoke insurance that covers track and road use, as well as storage for your vehicle, whether you’re part of a club or a professional team


If you have a vehicle with extreme modifications to its performance or appearance (or both), you will have to find a specialist insurer

Ad hoc racing

If you only race occasionally, it will probably be cheaper to take out track day insurance alongside your car insurance policy, but always compare to make sure

Frequently asked questions

Car insurance is for use on UK public roads and legally you must have at least third-party only cover unless you have a statutory off-road notification (SORN).

Track day insurance is to be used only on a racing circuit and protects your car against accidental damage. It’s not a legal requirement but will help protect you from having to pay out of your own pocket.

Policies generally only cover accidental damage to the car you’re driving, but it can be possible to add on extra cover which includes personal injuries. Of course, this will increase the price of your policy.

Usually, the experience day provider will have liability insurance. However, there may be an option to purchase a higher level of cover, so you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t be expected to pay anything if you damage the car.

It depend on which policy you chose; you may only be able to race on certain tracks or you might need a specialist policy if a circuit is renowned for being particularly dangerous.

[1]We do not offer a full comparison service on track day insurance at but instead have provided links to some companies that offer track day insurance. These companies are not listed in an order that indicates that one is better than another but are instead ordered in line with our commercial arrangement with each one. Please remember, as different companies offer different policies, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs

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