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Sports car insurance

Compare car insurance prices for your sports car

What is sports car insurance?

Sports car insurance is just like any other car insurance, but with some specialist cover added to it.

It offers cover for cars like the Audi TT, Toyota Supra and Porsche 911 and tends to be more expensive than standard car insurance.

That’s because sports cars fall into higher insurance groups. Insurers see these cars as more of a risk and will charge more to cover them.

The fact that sports cars can reach high speeds means that your insurance will be more expensive as you potentially pose more of a risk on the road than a driver in a lower-powered car.

They’re usually cheaper and easier to insure than performance cars, which often need cover from a specialist due to their specification. Sports cars can generally be covered by standard insurers.

What is sports car insurance?

What does sports car insurance cover?

Sports car insurance can cover:

  1. Malicious damage or vandalism

    If someone targets your precious sports car, you’ll be covered for repairs

  2. Soft roof damage

    A soft top convertible can be an easy target for vandals

  3. Modifications

    If you’ve made any changes to your car, the cost should be covered if they’re damaged, as long as you’ve declared them

  4. Additional personal accident cover

    If your policy includes personal accident cover, you’ll be covered for injuries sustained in an accident

  5. Overseas travel

    Get cover for travelling abroad if you want to drive your car on holiday

  6. Track days

    You’ll need specialist cover for racing around a track - some insurers will automatically include it

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Sports car insurance for young drivers

Young drivers will always pay more for their insurance than experienced drivers. Insurers see you as more of a risk because you haven’t been on the road for long.

Government statistics show that 18% of casualties in road traffic accidents were aged 17-24.

If you’re under 25, it’s worth building up your road experience before you get a sports car, otherwise your insurance will be very expensive.

Get a car in a low insurance group and build up your no claims’ bonus to get cheaper premiums.

You could also take an advanced driving course to prove to the insurer that you’re a responsible driver.

How to get cheaper sports car insurance

Here’s a few things you can do to cut the cost of your sports car insurance:

  1. Step up your security with alarms and trackers to get a discount with some insurers

  2. Reducing your annual mileage can mean cheaper premiums - but you should always be honest about how far you’re travelling to avoid invalidating your policy

  3. If you’re a young driver, adding a more experienced person to your policy could help you to save. Just make sure you don’t claim they’re the main driver to get a cheaper deal - it’s fraud

  4. Joining a car club for your make and model could get you a discount with insurers

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