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[1] Up to £250 refunded after claim settled. Car insurance purchases only. Excludes breakdown, windscreen and glass repair/replacement. Full T&Cs apply

What does third party only insurance cover?

Third party only (TPO) car insurance is the most basic car insurance you can lawfully buy in the UK.

It covers you for accidentally causing injury to others, damage to third party property and liability while towing.

What doesn’t it cover?

Damage to your own car, or injury to yourself, isn’t covered if an accident’s your fault.

  1. Repairs and replacement cover

    TPO insurance won’t cover the cost of repairing or replacing your car after fire, flood, damage, vandalism or theft, accidental or otherwise

    If you ever have an accident, it could get very expensive

  2. Personal injury

    If you're injured, you would have to cover any time off work and wouldn’t be compensated for serious injury

  3. Uninsured driver cover

    If you’re hit by an uninsured driver you could lose your no-claims discount and pay the excess, on top of paying for the repairs and replacements for your car, even if it wasn’t your fault

  4. Personal belongings cover

    If you leave your belongings in the car and it gets broken into, TPO wouldn’t cover them

  5. Driving another car

    You won’t be able to drive another persons’ car with just TPO insurance

Is third party only insurance the cheapest cover?

TPO insurance policies have the legal minimum level of cover, but they won’t necessarily be cheap.

Insurers base their prices on past claims and because TPO policies historically have a higher number of claims against them these policies can be more expensive than comprehensive insurance in some cases.

The only way to check whether TPO is cheaper for you is to compare all types of cover.

Compare with us and you can see quotes for TPO, third party fire and theft and comprehensive insurance with a single search. It’s that simple.

The price of third party only car insurance compared to fully comprehensive and third party, fire and theft cover

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Alternatives to third party only cover

  • Third party, fire and theft

    Cover for more eventualities, but this insurance still won’t repair or replace your car in a fault claim.

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  • Comprehensive

    Cover for you and your car, even if an accident’s your fault.

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[1]Up to £250 refunded after claim settled. Car insurance purchases only. Excludes breakdown, windscreen and glass repair/replacement. Full T&Cs apply.

*Average cost of annual car insurance by policy type purchased in May 2019 via GoCompare

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