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Third party only car insurance

Compare third party only car insurance for your basic driving needs

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What is third party only insurance?

Third party only car insurance (TPO) covers damage you cause to someone else’s vehicle, as well as any injuries they might incur, if you get into an accident that’s your fault. It will also cover damage to other people’s property.

For example, if you pull out of a parking spot without checking the road properly and accidentally hit someone who is driving past, you’d be covered for the repairs to their car.

However, you won’t be covered for any damage to your own car or your own medical expenses, if you’re required to pay any.

TPO is the most basic level of car insurance you can get, and is required as a minimum by the Road Traffic Act.

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What does third party insurance cover?

Third party only insurance will typically cover you for:

1. Damage caused to someone else's vehicle

If you hit someone else’s vehicle causing damage and you’re at fault, your insurer will pay out for repairs to it

2. Damage to someone else's property

Let’s say you accidentally reversed too far and ended up bumping into your neighbour’s garden fence, your insurance policy would cover the expense of them getting a new one

3. Injury to a driver or passenger of another car

If you’re involved in an accident where the other driver is injured, a TPO policy would cover you for their medical costs. This also goes for any passengers they’re travelling with

4. Injury to a passenger in your car

You're covered for personal injury to passengers in your own car too.

5. Legal costs

You’ll also be covered for any legal costs for any claims made against you

What doesn’t it cover?

With TPO, you won’t be insured for any damage to your own car, which can leave you considerably out of pocket.

You also won’t be covered for fire or theft of your vehicle, so in the unfortunate event that your car was damaged by fire or it was stolen, your insurer won’t pay out.

If you’re unlucky enough to be hit by an uninsured driver, TPO insurance won’t typically cover you, and you won’t be able to drive other people’s cars either.

Think of it as a policy to protect others, rather than yourself.

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Why get third party car insurance?

There are a few reasons why you might opt for a TPO policy, for example, if you’re not concerned about paying out for any damage to your own vehicle.

But it’s always good to get an idea of what else is on the market, it may even be cheaper to purchase a higher level of cover.

Alternatives to third party insurance

You may want to consider:

What is the difference between third party only and comprehensive?

TPO covers other drivers and their passengers, as well as your own, that get hurt in an accident that’s your fault. Comprehensive car insurance will cover you for that, as well as any injuries you might have and any damage to your vehicle, regardless of who is at fault.

A comprehensive policy also offers you cover for a whole host of other things like theft and fire.

You’ll get a lot more coverage with a comprehensive policy.

Is it the cheapest type of cover?

As third party is the most basic type of cover, it would be easy to assume that it will be the cheapest.

However, it more than likely isn’t. You should always compare car insurance quotes to find the right deal for you - it’ll help you to get the cover you need at a great price.

How much is it?

TPO car insurance is consistently more expensive than other types of policies. In December 2021, the average cost of TPO insurance was £920 a year<sup><a href="#sub1">[1]</a></sup>.

Why is it so expensive?

TPO cover is expensive because it’s usually chosen by drivers who pose more of a risk on the road, in a bid to try and bring their premiums down.

There are also typically fewer insurers who offer this type of product, so it tends to be pricier as it’s not widely available.

What do you need to get a quote?

To get a TPO car insurance quote, you’ll need:

  • Your personal details, including your name, address, and date of birth
  • Details of your car, like your registration plate and vehicle age
  • Details of any driving convictions you’ve had
  • Your driving licence details

It only takes around five minutes to get quotes from a wide range of providers when you compare with us.

Frequently asked questions

No, a TPO policy won’t cover theft, unless your insurer specifies otherwise.

Depending on what your insurer offers, you might be able to add on extras such as breakdown cover, legal protection, and windscreen cover. You’ll pay for any extras as part of your premium.

Not necessarily, as TPO insurance tends to be expensive.

Black box insurance could be a better option, which analyses how safe your driving is to calculate your premiums.

Comparing different policies can help you find the right deal for you and help to lower the cost.

You won’t be covered for any damage to your own car, or any injuries you have.

You’ll be covered for damage to the other person’s car, and any injuries to the other driver, their passengers, and your passengers.

While you’re at the scene, take as much information down as you can to send off to your insurer. If they think the claim is valid, they’ll pay compensation to the other party involved.

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[1]The average cost of annual car insurance by policy type purchased in December 2021 through GoCompare. For all types it was £561.20. For comprehensive it was £549.55. For third party fire and theft it was £734.20. For third party only was £920.58.