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Women’s car insurance

Women, compare car insurance quotes and see if you can save

Why do women pay less for car insurance?

Women don’t pay less than men for car insurance.

In 2012, the European Court of Justice passed the Gender Directive - that means insurance companies aren’t allowed to use your gender to decide how much your policy costs.

Women used to be charged less because the pricing was based on statistics that showed men were involved in more car accidents.

But nowadays, insurers can only base your policy price on your individual driving skills.

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Why are there specific insurance companies for women?

Some insurers appeal to female drivers with their advertising, but by law they must insure men too.

Insurers might encourage women to buy from them because research shows women are safer drivers than men.

Our motoring expert Ryan Fulthorpe says, “There’s absolutely nothing to stop a man taking out a policy that’s been targeted at women.

It’s all about finding the best deal for you - you can’t be discriminated against because of your gender.”

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How to get cheaper insurance, whatever your gender

Telematics insurance tracks your driving so your insurer can see how safe you are on the road.

  1. Telematics policies can help you, if you’re a safe driver

    will base your premium on your driving behaviour

  2. Think about how you describe your job

    It could bump the cost of your insurance up

  3. Go for a car with a smaller engine and no modifications

    Your car will also be taken into consideration

What car insurance do women need?

The same as anyone else - you can choose from three types of cover.

  • Comprehensive

    This type of insurance offers the most protection.

    You'll be covered for repairs to your own car as well as for damage to someone else's car or property.

    You'll also have cover for injury to yourself or others, theft and fire damage.

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  • Third party, fire and theft

    A third party, fire and theft policy has less cover than a comprehensive one.

    You'll be covered for injuries to other people, damage to someone else’s property, fire damage and theft.

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  • Third party only

    This is the most basic type of car insurance.

    You’ll only be covered for injury to others, damage to someone else’s property and laiability while towing.

    Third party won’t cover any injury to you or damage to your car.

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Specialist women’s insurance cover

Although women don’t get cheaper premiums anymore, there are still some perks to taking out a policy targeted at women. Think about adding these extras:

  1. Priority breakdown cover

    You’ll be given priority if you’re in a dangerous location, a woman on her own, or a family with young children

  2. Handbag cover

    Cover for the contents of your handbag, rucksack or briefcase

  3. Child seat cover

    If your child seat is stolen or damaged, your insurer will pay out to replace it

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