Worlds Car Giants

Over the years, the car manufacturing industry has seen some major changes. There’s been partnerships, sales, separations and bankruptcies – Ferrari even went public.

During this time a few shrewd manufacturers have managed to scoop-up some of their smaller competitors to a point where just six brands account for 55% of the world’s car market. GoCompare Car Insurance did some digging to find out exactly who owns who, and how the world’s biggest car markets stack up.

Car Conglomerates from:

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Market Source Data period
China Q1 2018
US Q1 2018
Japan Q1 2018
India FY 2017
Germany Q1 2018
UK Q1 2018
World Q1 2018
Biggest car markets


Sales and market shares are based on Q1 2018 figures

For india, the sales and market shares are based on figures for FY 2017