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Why do you need caravan insurance?

You don’t lawfully need insurance for your caravan, but it’s sensible to consider it.

Caravans aren’t covered under car insurance - if you cause a traffic collision and your caravan’s damaged, you’d pay to replace or repair it.

If the accident wasn’t your fault, the other driver’s insurance might pay for the damage because they have third-party liability. However, every car insurance policy’s different and cover isn’t guaranteed. 

Caravan insurance, on the other hand, covers you for these scenarios, plus theft and damage, whether your caravan’s static or attached to the car.

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What does it cover?

Caravan policies should cover you for things like fire, theft, accidental damage and weather damage.

Besides the basics, you can opt for policy add-ons like personal possessions cover and camping equipment cover to upgrade your policy.

A caravan insurance policy could cover you for the following:

  • Theft: If caravan’s detached and stolen parked outside of your home, campsite or caravan site in the UK, you’re covered for theft
  • Internal damage: You’re covered if the inside of the caravan is damaged following an accident, for example a leak
  • External damage: If the caravan suffers external damage while its being towed or parked, you can claim
  • Third party liability: If a member of a public gets injured, or the caravan causes damage to property after an accident, your insurance covers you against their claims

Your main home contents insurance could cover some of the possessions in your caravan; it depends on the level of cover you have.

What’s the difference between a touring and a static caravan?

Touring caravans are towed by a vehicle, whereas static caravans are permanent structures, usually kept on a caravan sites where you have amenities like shops and cafes.

Touring caravans shouldn’t be confused with motorhomes either. Both have living quarters on board, but caravans are towed, while motorhomes are driven.

Because motorhomes have a cab and engine attached, they're vehicles, so you need specialist motor insurance for them.

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Types of caravan insurance

New for old cover

If your caravan’s a total loss - damaged beyond repair or stolen - new for old cover will make sure you get a new unit, equivalent to your old one.

New for old cover can also apply to your personal possessions and caravan equipment, so they’d be replaced with brand new as well.

Market value cover

Market value cover will only compensate you for the current value of your caravan at the time of loss.  If it’s 20 years old, the insurer will pay out the going rate for a similar caravan of that model, age and condition.

That might make it a bit harder to find and afford a suitable replacement, but it can be a much more cost-effective level of cover, especially for older caravans.

Typical caravan cover exclusions

Not everything is covered - you may find that your caravan insurance might not cover you if:

  • There’s damage to the caravan, it’s stolen, or your possessions are taken due to a lack of security
  • Damage is caused by common wear and tear
  • The caravan’s damaged because it’s used as a permanent residence
  • Damage caused by insect or vermin infestation

How to get caravan insurance?

  1. Your details

    Your name, address etc.

  2. Your home away from home

    Make, model, reg number, number of bedrooms and usage

  3. Site and security

    Is your caravan alarmed? Where’s it stored? How is it secured?

  4. Cover details

    Info on previous policies and the cover you want to have now

There was an 8.25% increase in UK caravan registrations between 2018 to 2021 – we’d love to help you all find affordable insurance!

How to cut the cost of caravan insurance?

You could make your caravan insurance cheaper by:

  1. Increasing security

    Wheel clamps, window locks and alarms are handy to have

  2. Find secure storage

    Increase the external security on your static, and find somewhere safe to store a tourer

  3. Club memberships

    Some insurers offer discounts for members of the Caravan and Motorhome Club or Camping and Caravanning Club

  4. Avoid unnecessary extras

    Don’t skimp on cover, but don’t pay for optional extras you don’t need

  5. Shop around

    Compare caravan insurance policies to find the best one for you

Frequently asked questions

It’ll vary depending on the value of your caravan, whether it’s static or touring, where you live and where you keep it, as well as your own personal circumstances.

Things like safe storage and good security can help to bring down the cost for you.

Yes - you’ll be asked when you get a quote whether your caravan’s your permanent residence.

This is a more specialist type of cover though, so you might find you have a more limited range of providers to choose from.

Most specialist policies cover you outside the UK but check your policy details. Some policies have limited amount of days that you can take your caravan abroad.

Many policies include cover for this so it's easy to lend your caravan to friends or family. Double check your policy details before lending.

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