In-car smoking could be stubbed out in Wales

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  • | by Kristian Dando
The Welsh Assembly Government has launched a campaign which will aim to stop of cig-loving parents or guardians from passing on their second-hand smoke to children when travelling in cars. The Fresh Start campaign will run for three years, after which an outight ban will be considered. Chief medical officer for Wales, Dr Tony Jewell said: "Exposure to these chemicals puts children at risk from a range of conditions, including sudden infant death syndrome and asthma. There is robust evidence that the level of toxic chemicals is very high in cars, even with a window open. The Fresh Start Wales campaign aims to make people aware that smoking in cars is dangerous for their passengers, particularly children." Smokers lobby group Forest said that the potential ban would be unnecessary and costly. Simon Clark, Forest spokeman said: "I think it's important to encourage parents not to smoke in a car where small children are present out of consideration for the child if nothing else.” He continued: “And I think it's outrageous at the way they're treating smokers considering there are 10m smokers throughout the United Kingdom who contribute a massive amount to tobacco taxation - over £10bn a year.” What do you think? Get involved in the discussion below...