Novelty registration plates are go!

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  • | by Kristian Dando

This month, the DVLA will auction 1,500 personalised ‘11’ registration numbers, offering plenty of scope for drivers to get their hands on an unusual one before the arrival of the brand-spanking new '12' plates in March. We’ve had a browse of some of the highlights and come up with some suggestions of well-known personalities who might want to make them their own...


Ian Beale (out of BBC's Eastenders) What ‘batter’ plate for Walford’s leading deep-fried mealtime solutions provider? We imagine that the incorrigible entrepreneur Ian Beale is partial to a personalised number plate, and this one, which alludes to his status as the East End’s go-to man for a fish supper, would be right up his street. Or, in this case, square.

TOW 111E

Joey Essex (from hit TV series The Only Way is Essex) Cheeky chappy Joey (and yes, apparently ‘Essex’ is really his second name) has previous when it comes to personalised goods - check out this eye-popping bespoke ‘onesie’. This plate would really cut a dash whilst cruising up and down the A120 to Braintree. Locals might well describe it as ‘totes reem’, whatever on earth that means. 


Bob Crow (combative chairman of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers) It’s tough being at the helm of one of Britain’s biggest and most influential unions, but the Millwall-supporting rabble-rouser likes to cut loose and enjoy himself as much as the next man. Last year, he was spotted quaffing champagne at an exclusive Mayfair restaurant Scott’s – a favourite haunt of David Beckham, Simon Cowell and Steven Spielberg, amongst others.


Johnny Vegas (Actor and comedian) This registration plate would be ‘ideal’ for the star of the BBC TV show of the same name. When Johnny Vegas appeared as a ‘star in a reasonably priced car’ on Top Gear, he hadn’t yet passed his driving test. However, he still managed to beat the times of Harry Enfleld and the late, great Countdown host Richard Whitely. He’s since passed his test (at the second time of asking, no less) and said in 2006 that “I'm exploring 'man' stuff like car navigation systems to help me see the world – and get out of St Helens.” 


Rick Stein (TV chef) Proud Cornishman Rick Stein made a name for himself with his ace seafood-based cuisine. This fishy plate would certainly set tongues-a-wagging in the village of Padstow, where Stein is based.


Getafix from Asterix The Gaul (fictional village mystic) Alright, bearded magic potion merchant Getafix may not need a personalised number plate on account of being both a cartoon character, and also living in Roman-occupied France - centuries before the rise of mass-produced cars. But if he DID need a personlised number plate (maybe for a donkey and cart set-up), we could think of a lot worse than this one.