Does your star sign affect your driving habits?

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  • | by Kristian Dando

Astrology is dismissed by many people as a load of old codswallop. And they might well be right.

How could the alignments of planets when you’re born have any possible impact on your behaviour as a person, never mind your driving habits? Hasn’t good old science, in all its booming, irrefutable black-and-white wisdom put paid to this sort of thing? And how can anybody take seriously a field who’s most notable practitioners are ‘Mystic’ Meg and Russell Grant?

Well, we’re not so certain. You’re bound to know one or two people who adhere to their 'astrological stereotypes' – we know we do.

With the European Court of Justice’s much-trumpeted gender ruling is set to come into force next year, car insurance companies will have to start using other things to calculate the price of an annual policy – could astrological signs be used instead?

Well, probably not. The likelihood of companies using a person’s astrological sign as a way of calculating what you pay for your car insurance is about as likely to happen as Richard Keyes and Andy Gray being invited as guests of honour to the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association’s annual gala lunch. But we thought it might be a bit of fun to have a look if there was any correlation between a person’s astrological sign’s ‘characteristic traits’ and how they behave on the road anyway. We duly fired up the Gocompare News patented steam-powered Statistical Data Combobulator device, and had a look at the results based on quotes drivers have run on this esteemed website since the start of 2012. It makes for some enlightening reading… Anyhow, here’s what we found out. We’ve even put together some pretty and informative ‘graphical aid’ to help you make sense of our figures…

YES! Astrological signs correlate with motoring behaviour

  • GEMINIS have a higher average rate of speed convictions than any other sign. According to top astrological organ, “a Gemini will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules,” which may go some way to explaining how these sorts of drivers are more ready to thumb their nose at traffic legislation. - Meanwhile
  • CAPRICORNS have -5.2 per cent lower conviction rate for speeding than average. According to the experts, Capricorns “evaluate everything and they don't take daring chances without weighing the advantages and disadvantages first.” Can it be a coincidence that cautious Capricorns also have the lowest rate of car insurance claims too? - Libra, a sign associated with ‘balance’ and ‘harmony’ has consistently close to the average of both claims and convictions. Like, cosmic. Man.

NO! It has none whatsoever

  • Virgos are meant to have an ‘observant, precise’ character. Well, this doesn’t exactly stack up with our findings, which found Virgo to be the sign which had the most convictions for offences like jumping lights and going the wrong way down one way streets.
  • Aquarians have the second-lowest rate of convictions and claims, despite them having a reputation for not being fond of rules.


If you had a long-held belief in astrology, then these findings will probably give you a bit of validation. But likewise, they’re equally likely to give you a bit of ammunition to say it’s a load of old hokum. Put it this way - we don’t think that the insurance industry will be consulting astrological charts in order to calculate your premium in a hurry. Now, let's all have a look at this nice infographic, shall we?