It's Brits a-fraud when it comes to travel cover

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  • | by Kristian Dando

Going on your holidays can be an expensive enterprise, but if research* conducted by this very website is to be believed, more and more younger travellers are faking travel insurance claims to help cover the cost of going away.

In fact, we found that a surprising amount of British travellers think that travel insurance policies are fair game for fiddling, and would be happy to invent spurious mishaps or considerably inflate actual claims.

“But insurance fraud is a victimless crime!” we imagine some of you are saying.

BUT IS IT? Well, no, as Jeremy Cryer, head of travel insurance at this parish, explains. "It may seem fairly harmless to some people to submit a fake travel insurance claim or bump up the amount of a genuine claim to make it more worthwhile,” he says. “However, making an insurance claim under false pretences is still fraud and if you're found out you could end up with a criminal record and find it much harder to get other kinds of insurance in the future. This could have serious implications for things like getting a mortgage or insuring a car.”

Well, that’s cleared up then. Here are a few more choice statistical nuggets we dredged up from our poll…

- 20% of 18 to 34 year old holidaymakers have made up fake travel insurance claims compared to just 2% of over 55s

- 9% of British holidaymakers have bumped up their travel insurance claim by A FEW HUNDRED QUID

- Another 9% DON’T BOTHER with travel insurance

- LONDONERS have made more bogus travel insurance claims than any other region. NORTHERNERS on the other hand, have made the least

- 37% of British holidaymakers have made fair claims on their travel insurance policy. Meanwhile 27% said they had cause to claim, but COULDN’T BE DOING WITH ALL THE HASSLE

- 11% of people have had travel insurance claims turned down because THEY DIDN’T FOLLOW THE CLAIM GUIDELINES

That man Jeremy Cryer was on hand again to dish out some more sage advice. “Having a genuine claim rejected because you didn't follow the insurer's guidelines is frustrating but it can be avoided if you read the policy documents and take a copy of them away with you,” says Jeremy. “That way you can refer to the insurer's instructions while you are abroad rather than coming home and finding that you missed doing something important which would have helped your claim go through.”

*Research commissioned by in March 2012 by Vision Critical. The group comprised 1,326 UK consumers who had holidayed abroad in the last five years.