Problems using on an Apple device? Chrome may have the answer

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  • | by Kristian Dando

Users of a mobile device such as the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch who have recently upgraded to the iOS6 operating system may be experiencing difficulties when using certain websites – including – due to a bug in Apple’s software.

When attempting to use the site, users may be experiencing Expired or Session Timeout messages. The problem may manifest itself in different ways across other sites.

It is not yet known whether Apple is working on the problem or when it will be fixed.

If you can’t wait until then there’s a quick, easy and free workaround. Google’s Chrome mobile App (free to download from the App store) is free of the bug, and should allow you to use, plus whatever other sites you care to visit, without any problems. Or, if you have access to a desktop or laptop computer, consider logging on to using that instead.

Covered mag has contacted Apple regarding this issue but has not yet to receive a response. Stay tuned for more information…