Totally Vantastic number ones

A van, yesterday
"The Ford Transit is still the most popular van on the road"
  • | by Kristian Dando

Have you ever been kept awake at night, pondering van-related trivia?

Well, hopefully you’ll be able to sleep soundly with this selection of van-related ‘number one’ stats, direct from the vault…

Britain’s number one van

Ford Transit

Ford Transit

The trusty Ford Transit has been the UK’s most popular van since time immemorial and, despite more competition than ever, it’s still the most popular van on the road, judging by quotes carried out on

Number one region for vans

Map of the south east

Funnily enough, it’s not the Outer Hebrides – it’s the populous region of the south-east of England, which has more vans than anywhere else in the UK.

Number one van driver name

Hello my name is Dave


Or Dave. Maybe even Dai, if you’re in Wales. Anyway, this is the most popular name for van owners, going on the amount of quotes carried out on since the beginning of 2013.

The number one van modification

Alloy wheel

Alloy wheels

Today’s van drivers are more image conscious than ever, and many of them are adding fetching sets of ‘bad boy’ alloys worth up to £500 to their vans.

The number one van insurance claim

Crashed van

Driver at fault, no injuries

Nobody’s perfect, after all. But thankfully, the most frequent van insurance claims made by van drivers carrying out quotes on involved incidents where no-one was hurt. Phew!