Are your contents covered post-Christmas?

Tired Christmas dog
Buster was too busy dreaming about chasing cats to insure his new Christmas bone
"Although some policies will offer a temporary increase on your contents insurance for gifts, remember that your single item limit may still apply," Ben Wilson,
  • | by Emily Bater

The presents have been unwrapped, the Baileys has been drunk and the Quality Street eaten.

Your new 3D HD top-of-the-range TV is in pride of place and the high-tech coffee machine - destined to gather cobwebs in a couple of months - is giving you a post-Christmas pick-me-up.

You're too busy thinking about your waistline and wallet once 1 January rolls round, but it's worth giving a thought to protecting your new gadgets and goodies.

Most insurers offer extra cover over the Christmas period - 86% of those reviewed by* - in order to cover the whopping £40bn expected to be spent by shoppers in December.

Some policies increase the value of their cover by 10% and others push it up to 20% to account for all the presents and extra food and drink, not to mention all the people (with their own valuables) that will pile into your house to eat all your extra food and drink before Christmas Day.

But it's post-Christmas that you need to think about. According to research by, the average value of contents cover requested by customers in January 2012 was just over £500 higher than the average in December 2011.

It's important, then, to get in touch with your insurer once you're through the post-Christmas fugue and let them know about any new expensive contents in your home - TVs, mobile phones and jewellery may all need to be named on your policy.

Ben Wilson, home insurance expert at said: "After Christmas, chances are your new presents will still be covered by your home insurance. However, you might want to check whether that still applies if you take them out of the house – particularly if you’ve been lucky enough to receive a phone, tablet or similar. It might also be worth adding accidental damage to your policy, too. If in any doubt, ring your insurer to make sure."

*Out of 315 contents insurance policies reviewed by, nine out of 10 (86%) offer additional cover over the Christmas period