Eurovision bingo!

Eurovision glory is but a hip thrust away - image by Daniel Aragay
"Download our free Eurovision bingo cards and get the party started"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

Is there anything better than Eurovision? The costumes, the deep and meaningful song lyrics, the completely unbiased voting... Why must it come but once a year?

Alas, as we yearn for bi-weekly contests (too much?), let's celebrate and not forget what we have already - a really good opportunity to have a party and behold the riches that Europe has to offer.

And we all know that no party is complete without bingo!

So download our totally free bingo cards and why not listen to our Eurovision playlist to get you in the mood too? We really are too good to you.


If, like me, you'll be live tweeting the whole spectacle, get involved and tell us your favourites and flops on Twitter.